Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day Before Tomorrow Golf

Wednesday the holiday festivities began. Well, at least for the Hyland family! Tommy invited Scott and me to join his family in their annual golf tournament.

We joined 20 fellow golfers for a little par 3, 9 hole. I say little, but that is plenty of golf for me! I was spent by the end (plus, it is REALLY hilly and a not so easy course).

Tommy represented the Hyland's on our team as the rest of us were crashing the family event! Cru, Todd, Scott and me rounded out our fivesome. My accomplishment for the day was definitely just making contact with the ball and if it went in the right direction or even remotely far that was a bonus! I wouldn't say I was terrible, but I did bring in the looooooooowest score on the team. Lucky for us that didn't matter and we were crowned the WINNERS!
Yes, mine has all of the 6s on it.
The winning team!
Tommy accepting the cup.
Victory drink
On to Cru...
and Todd...
and me!

Thanks to the Hylands for a great day on the course!

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