Thursday, November 12, 2009

Don't Judge Me

Growing up in Chesterfield, MO there was not a lot of opportunity or need for public transportation. Sure, I rode the Amtrak once to Jefferson City for an adventure but never as a means to actually commute. Then, I moved to Boulder, CO. Boulder has been described as "10 miles surrounded by reality". With a 10 mile area to cover, public transportation was never essential. If you can't drive, a cab can't be more than $10!

Now I live in San Francisco. Apparently everyone here just hops on and off buses, and trains like it is born into them. Well, I made it 10 months living here and just took my first trip down the tracks. Did I mention that a line runs literally 10 yards away from my house? On Tuesday I rode Caltrain down to San Jose to meet Scott for a Sharks game. While I could have taken the J to the N and then boarded Caltrain, I cheated a bit and took a cab to the train station (I said, don't judge steps). Final verdict...easy peasy and actually rather enjoyable. Thoughts...
  • Not near as bad as I expected. Idiot proof really!
  • Only moderately smelly-nursing home smelly, not BO
  • A great place for people watching
  • Definitely a breeding ground for swine flu (some guy downstairs was hacking up a lung-ewwwwww)
  • SO glad I got the single seat upstairs (I found this little trick based on my next observation)
  • If confused, follow the is kind of like watching a herd of sheep
  • This experience would have been more fun with someone else to photo-document it!
  • While my one time ride was fun, I am pretty sure it would lose it's excitement if I had to commute daily from SF to San Jose.
  • Caltrain needs wifi
  • Since there was no wifi, I read. What did I read? Time for another wedding detail...
MY GREECE TRAVELER'S GUIDE!!! Yes, we are 99% sure that we are headed to Greece for our honeymoon. This leaves me moderately obsessed with learning everything I can before we go. So far I have two books and just can't put them down. Too bad the language is so tricky or I might even try and learn it (ok, probably not, but let's pretend). If anyone has been or done a lot of research on the subject I would love to hear your "do's and don'ts" list.
My ticket. :-)

After reluctantly packing up my reading material, I found Scott and we headed out for dinner. Apparently San Jose got the memo that we are in a recession so we were left with few options. Lucky for Scott Amici's was going strong! So Scott's favorite pizza it was! I can't lie, it is pretty good. Not as good as Proto's in Colorado, but good (to be fair, they are different styles of pizza).

Then, off to the game! One thing you must know about me by now is that I love sporting events! I will even take the train to get to one! So a night at the shark tank was just up my alley and we had a great time. Plus, the Sharks won as an extra bonus!
This shark head comes down to the ice and the players skate out of it before the game.
We took about six of these pictures and unfortunately this is the best one. But...we were there!


brit @ landlocked bride said...

I LOVE Greece. My FI and I really want to go to Santorini for our honeymoon. So gorgeous!

As for public transport - yeah, it hasn't really improved much here in STL...Although, there are a lot more bikers on the road now...

Jacqueline Mariash said...

Wish I was there to photo document! That would have been awesome!