Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

After our rousing win, it was time to get ready for Thanksgiving. This year, Scott and I hosted 21 people in our not so big house! That said, it was perfect and I wouldn't have changed a thing. I figure we had the two most important and food! Well that and lots of turkeys (to eat and to decorate with). As I mentioned in my birthday post, I was born on Thanksgiving. This has led to 26 years of my mom collecting turkeys for me. This year, they all made their way to San Francisco to decorate our house for the big day. I will spare you pictures of ALL of them, but here is a peak:
Table #1 (the bread basket in the middle is a turkey)
The Thanksgiving tree (oh, yes, there is such a thing)
End table with a little turkey buddy and some turkey coasters!

I will summarize Thanksgiving by saying it was a gorgeous day with a lot of organized chaos that ended with a tremendous meal. Scott cooked his first turkey (I bowed out knowing I didn't want to be responsible if the turkey didn't turn out) and made homemade gravy which were both spectacular. I was in charge of potatoes, french onion dip, cheesecake and day of logistics (furniture moving, decorating, cleaning, etc...). We could not have done it without the help of the entire Retchless clan and were definitely thankful to have them all here. On to pictures...
Beth chased down a neighbor on the street to take a family photo.
Lola and her cousin Michelle
Scott and Sean working in the kitchen.
Scott's mom (aka Granmere) and her Grandkids minus Tess and Nolan (we missed you all!).
The Retchless ladies...clockwise-me, Stacia, Renee, Beth and Charlene
Thumbs up...we did it!
Scott too!
Now this is an effective use of space!

Many more pictures but that gives you an idea of our fun filled Thanksgiving!

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LC said... guys are brave! 21 people!!! Looks like it was a success though...congrats!