Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Twain Harte

This past weekend Scott and I headed up to Twain Harte to see his mom. For those of you unfamiliar, Twain Harte is located about three hours east (and slightly north) of San Francisco and it sits at 4,000ft. It is a cute little mountain town that is the perfect weekend getaway.

Friday night we headed out to dinner at Seven Sisters at the Black Oak Casino. Dinner was very yummy and it was great catching up with everyone. After that we hit the floor. Scott and I aren't very big gamblers so we watched Nick and Kristina play a little black jack, pulled a few slots, and decided we didn't want to lose so we headed downstairs to...BOWL!
Yes, we put on our fancy bowling shoes and took to the lanes. I would like to challenge you all to think about the last time you bowled?! And no, wii bowling doesn't count! Turns out, I am not completely terrible and neither is Scott. He beat me in all our rounds? games? Not sure of the correct lingo here. We had a surprisingly obnoxious amount of fun. There is something great about playing a game that no one is especially good at so when you actually get a strike it is a celebration EVERY time.
Something tells me that ball isn't going where I want it to!
Scott's got the leg kick dialed in!

Nick and Kristina eventually figured out that bowling is much more fun than gambling and they came down to join us. Really, they came down to find us and got sucked into a game!

All tough before the bowling began!
Nick was an amazing bowler! He can put spin on a ball like the pros! Scott is the "S" with 138, I ended up with 113. Not a bad showing in my opinion!

Saturday we took a little journey to Columbia, California. I know, you're jealous! Columbia is an old ghost town now but used to be a gold mining town. It is hard to imagine living life in that way. I kind of had a Gone With the Wind moment walking around "downtown".
While we skipped panning for gold we did make a stop in the candy shop to pick up some yummy treats!

After all our exploring was complete we snuggled up in the house for the evening. Quick movie review...The Ugly Truth...TERRIBLE! There is nothing good to say about this movie. Crude, boring, obnoxious, and the acting was less than good. Not worth the 90 minutes of your life it will take to watch it.

Stay tuned for birthday and Thanksgiving coverage...

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