Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hodge Podge

Hello...is anyone still out there? I am back in the world of working internet and have a bazillion pictures to tell the story of July. And if at this point all you care about is my weekly pregnancy updates, week 25 is coming tomorrow...just couldn't motivate to put on that purple shirt today (and yes, it will be burned once baby R makes his appearance).

First, we spent the 4th of July in Guerneville, California. Never heard of it? Yeah, neither has anyone outside of a 5 mile radius of the place. It is a tucked away small town that has it's fair share of charm and a lot of missing teeth. That said, we had a nice time relaxing with friends poolside and even ventured out for a visit to a redwood park which was gorgeous.
Scott & AP on our walk. He was still pretty fresh from surgery so he got a lot of rides.
Jammy...not happy about being held...her legs work just fine!
AP spent most of his time relaxing over the weekend.
Driving back into/through San Francisco after the long weekend. What a nice reprieve to be out of the San Francisco "summer".
We have been very busy with household updates. One day we realized that our house was a little bit like a revolving door for vendors, repair men, and delivery people. It would have been very Mr. Mom if I had left Scott here alone!
Crate & Barrel delivery truck.
AT&T repair man. See, proof our internet was acting screwy and I am not just a terrible blogger. The same day as the two above pictures we also had a Sears delivery man and a plumber come out.
Our new kitchen table. The theme of our house is "country coastal"...yes, I made that up...and this table fits in beautifully!
We decided to put the spray paint to work again to transform this mirror for the baby's room.
And viola! New mirror. We are quite happy with the results. Baby R's room is slowly but surely coming together. I imagine September will bring a full reveal.
Aside from all of our housework, we have been out exploring our new neighborhood, visiting friends and just enjoying the summer!

I have made a resolution to take more pictures of Scott and I together. This was at Andalu for Pauby's birthday.

Friends out for Pauby's birthday.

At Mayfield...the DELICIOUS restaurant we discovered in Palo Alto. I didn't do so well with the picture together this night.
Scott enjoying his wine...not that I'm bitter or anything.
Giants Game!
Paisley and Hanna baking us some delicious homemade pizzas! When you come over for dinner, we put you to work!
My most favorite cookies. I found the recipe on the back of the Hershey Kisses packaging and couldn't wait to bake a batch. They are every bit as good as I remember!!!
Well, I think that pretty much gets us up to date. There are lots of odds and ends that I know I am missing but I'm sure you get the idea of what we have been up to. Back soon...

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