Monday, November 28, 2011

Baby Must Haves

Ok, it has been almost three weeks so here we are with the "must haves" from my perspective. I left off the obvious...diapers, wipes, bottles. This is about the little items that make life just a touch easier with an infant.

Avent Soothie Pacifier - This was recommended by our lactation consultant as a good option for breastfeeding babies. Noah likes it but isn't dependent on it and we have had no nipple confusion issues.

Itzbeen Timer - This is the best at around 3am when counting hours since our last feeding is far beyond my mental capacity. Right now we only use the feeding button as sleep and diapers pretty much coincide with this activity.
Rock and Play Sleeper - I got this upon seeing Lauren's review. Our room is pretty much fully consumed by our giant bed so a full sized bassinet or pack-n-play wasn't an option. We draped a blanket across the inside to make it nice and cozy and our little guy just snoozes away (we swaddle him and put him in...never use the straps). It is also extremely portable and lightweight...5 stars all around. OH, AND, it is extremely affordable.
Hands free pumping bra - I thought this was silly and didn't register for one. Turns out it makes pumping a zillion times faster and easier. Plus, as I pump more it will allow me the freedom to blog or do other things that require two hands.
Breastfeeding is so sexy!
My brest friend - Again, I thought this was a gimmick. Turns out, this thing is super helpful (especially with wobbly baby head). It is huge and bulky and a real pain to wrestle in the middle of the night but the ease it brings to feeding is well worth it. We have managed a few feedings without it but I much prefer having it around.
Bulb syringe - We had a very spitty baby at the hospital and the first couple of days home. We kept one of these by the changing table and one with us wherever the baby was. While we learned that baby's protect their airways, it was still good to have to clear his little mouth.

Everything free from the hospital - seriously, stock up. They will offer you all kinds of things...take them, stash them, take some more! 

Summer Infant Kiddopotomus Swaddle Me - Everyone recommended these and I held off. I wanted to be the hero and swaddle using swaddling blankets. In my head I was going to become a pro just like the nurses in the hospital. Then 3am rolled around and these became my best friend. My advice...don't wait, buy these!

Yes, your baby will look like a green bean!

Grandma - If you can get your hands on one of these, take advantage :-). We miss her around here...especially on the days Scott is at work. 
Can't wait to have you back at Christmas!

Sound Machine - We waited until 2 weeks to turn this on for the first time but when we did we realized what we had been missing. It immediately calms him (most of the time) and has made diaper changes a much more pleasant experience.

A few other items I like but I am not sure they are on the "can't live without" list just yet:
  • Ergo Baby Carrier
  • Boppy lounger
  • Baby bath with sling for newborn
  • Aden + Anais swaddle blankets (they are a great weight)
  • Wipes warmer (as you might recall, our baby HATES to be cold)
That's all for this installment. I need to get back to my little one who is currently in his two week growth spurt and needs to eat A LOT!

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