Monday, November 28, 2011

Noah News: Week 2

As I mentioned in my "must haves" post, we are almost three weeks into parenthood. We are definitely mastering some things (I don't think either of us have been peed on in at least a week) but still sorting out some others (is he gassy or hungry?!). Overall, Noah has made it fairly easy on his mom and dad. 
We are going to rock the turkey outfit in December too so you can see his feet :-)
This week we celebrated Noah's first holiday, Thanksgiving. We joined 25+ Retchless family members and stuffed ourselves silly. Andrea created a tremendous feast for all of us that was a real treat! Noah also got to meet a lot more of his wonderful family and, of course, got lots of love throughout the day.
Aimee is next!!
Family pile on the couch
Friday, we decided to jaunt up to Sonoma for a little post birthday celebrating and to pick up a shipment at Gloria. Plus, we need to get Noah started early on his appreciation of wine country. 
Dad and Noah
Overall, it was a nice trip. Different, but fun. Our first stop was at Ram's Gate Winery. Tommy and Cort happened to be up there and we decided to stop in and say hi. It is a gorgeous winery and looks into Infineon Raceway. This will definitely go on our list of places to visit on our way to/from Napa.

Since a second round of nursing in the back seat didn't sound all too appealing we just grabbed our wine at Gloria and headed on home. We will be better off taking this trip in a few weeks when mister fister can go longer between feedings OR take a bottle. 

Saturday I picked up my new iPhone! It is amazing. I didn't realize just how slow my old 3G was until I got my new one. The camera isn't too bad either! 
Sunday we decided to stay home and relax a bit. We enjoyed a visit from the Crusicks and I even managed to get all the Thanksgiving decorations down and think about decorating for Christmas. Hopefully by week's end this house will be decked for the holidays. 
Jen & Noah
Other things on my "try to accomplish" list this week:
  • blog
  • shower daily (1 for 1!)
  • change sheets
  • fold laundry
  • drop in for a class at DayOne (registered for tomorrow...wish us luck)
  • walk pomeranians daily (1 for 1!)
  • decorate for Christmas
  • bath for Noah
  • get photo albums up to date
  • write thank you notes
  • fill in baby book
Here's hoping we cross them all off :-).
see you soon!!

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