Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving AND a birthday

I think it pretty much goes without saying what I'm thankful for this year. Waking up this morning and seeing my little boy making funny sleep faces for me was the best way to start this day. Not to mention New York put on a huge parade just for my birthday!!
One of his many funny faces.
I was born on Thanksgiving and while my birthday only falls on the holiday every few years it seems very fitting that this would be the year. Scott and I discuss often just how blessed we are. We have one another, a wonderful home, two fur babies, and the most amazing blessing of all...Noah.
Being a Thanksgiving baby means I am never in need of turkey items. Thanks for this year's turkey, mom!
As a birthday present to me, Noah has seemingly started sorting out his days and nights. Sure, we still get up a couple of times but at night he takes very little coaxing to go back to sleep where during the day he can be alert for hours at a time.

Of course my wonderful husband made my birthday special already. Last night we had a little celebration for just our family complete with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and ice cream cake. Ice cream cake? You see, I don't like pie. It is the one downfall of having a Thanksgiving birthday...pie sometimes gets sold as birthday cake. Unacceptable. Scott heard my not so subtle request for ice cream cake and it was AMAZING!
Yep...I get to upgrade my phone. I am working on the original iPhone and I am pretty excited to meet Siri.
Our turkey. Scott also made some killer gravy (and I don't usually even like gravy).
In other news, we had Noah's two week doctor appointment yesterday. He had a great check up and didn't even freak when we took his clothes off for a change. He has not made it back to his birth weight just yet but we put a plan in place to pack some ounces on quickly. Luckily this just involves giving him a little milk from a bottle after each feeding. Good thing I started pumping already!!! While I was bummed he wasn't up to weight I am happy to report he took the bottle like a champ. This means Scott and I will be able to have a date or two this holiday season!!
Noah's Thanksgiving treat!
There is much more I could say but today I just want to enjoy my family that I am so thankful to have. More this weekend...
Impossible to get enough of these two! (well, 4, if you could the two little furry pups flanking them)

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