Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Noah News: Week 10

**Serious failure to take many pictures this week. More next week I promise.** 

Got the magic feather? - Our boy has sprouted some serious ears in the past few weeks. When he was born I made the comment that he had the tiniest ears...famous last words. All of a sudden his ears seem to be growing at an alarming rate. Of course, we love every little bit of them and figure the rest of him will catch up one day...or not...either way, he is the cutest little boy around!
Just playing in the bjorn. See those cute ears peeking out on the side?!
One tall decaf coffee - Yep. Decaf. About a month ago I was at Bar Method and lost a decent amount of my vision. It wasn't totally gone but sort of a cross between tunnel vision and really blurry in one eye (think of looking right at an illuminated light bulb and not being able to get rid of that bright spot for another 45 minutes). I wrote it off as taking on too much with sleep deprivation, exercise and probably dehydration. That was until this past week. After a month without caffeine I decided I needed a cup of coffee. I inhaled a 12 oz. from the Warming Hut and loved every last drop. About 45 minutes later the crazy vision started happening again. That and a ton of anxiety. I have had an aura before (precedes a migraine) and it sort of felt like that but I never lost my ability to speak (thank God). I am going to chock this one up to caffeine and lay off it for the remainder of my nursing days and monitor the situation.

Noah will have the Vente, please - No, not coffee...this kid is a 100% breastmilk baby. That said, he wants more and more of it as he grows so we had to increase the size of his bottles. We had been using the 4 oz. but switched to an 11 oz. There was an in between size but that seemed like a waste of money considering he will likely need the jumbo size at some point. Right now he takes about 6 oz. before bed. I will say, the bottles are about as big as he is but much easier than having to make a bottle twice to get through a feeding.
Look at that belly!
"A jug fills drop by drop", Buddha - This could not be more fitting for our little Buddha. Day by day, feeding by feeding, our little boy is growing. This week he sprouted quite the Buddha belly. It is amazing how these things happen seemingly overnight! Up until now he seemed to just be growing longer but he is finally starting to fill out some outfits (and outgrow them as quickly as he gets into them)!

Bachin' it, round 2 - (for the record it is bach like batch, or bachelor...not the composer). On Tuesday everyone, including Scott, cleared out of the house leaving Noah and I for two nights alone. All in all, it wasn't so bad. I was simply more tired but it wasn't the end of the world. It does get a little challenging to not get a break but when Scott did get home and took Noah I kind of didn't know what to do with myself.

I love morning nap snuggles. Have to soak them in now before it is going to mess with his sleep.
Hindsight is 20/20 - I wanted to acknowledge my baby blues so that one day, a long long time from now, when we have Baby #2 I can remember this. For the first week or so that I was home from the hospital I got weepy every.single.night. It was usually right around dinner time and I just couldn't hold it together. The smallest comments or thoughts would set it off. Most of the time I just excused myself, sat in the bathroom, cried it out, and got on with it. At the time I was sure I was "just tired" but looking back I believe that it was all due to my hormones adjusting to not having a baby inside my body any more. Fortunately the feelings were never overwhelming and once I gave in to the cry I felt immensely better and could carry on. I haven't had the same feelings since those first couple weeks and so I will go ahead and say that post partum was a pretty easy transition for me.

Woof Woof - Does the fact that you haven't heard anything about the pomeranians in a few weeks give you any indication about how things have changed? My poor furry little friends have gone from babies to dogs. I swore up and down that this would never happen but unfortunately they have taken a back seat to Noah. We get out on walks 4-5 times a week and I really try to give them special attention but they have both been left outside for a little too long once or twice and have been pushed out of the way more times than I can count. I am SO happy they have each other and I often find them snuggling one another on the couch. For the record, right now it just me and my poms on the couch soaking up a little time together :-).
A common sight around here. They love to find our clothes and snuggle up with them!

A side note: In February Noah and I will be heading to St. Louis to visit friends & family. I will be flying alone with the little guy so this is my public cry for any and all advice anyone might have for traveling with a 3 month old. I have the whole luggage, gear situation all sorted out but the getting through security without being a total train wreck, gate checking stroller, 4 hour plane ride part is where I am looking for help!

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