Thursday, January 12, 2012

Noah News: Week 9

Noah turned two months this week! He is up to 11 lbs and it is starting to show. I think we are going to have to go up a onesie size next month.
You've Got a Friend in Me - Most of this week's news comes from a visit from the Reppy family. Hard to believe we were once just two little girls taking Pine Run by storm and now we have our own families we are responsible for. More on our visit after the headlines.
I'm sure this is a first day of school picture but I have no idea what grade.
All grown up! of many.
If you're happy and you know it clap your hands - Noah has officially discovered his hands this week. He clasps them together, sucks on them like crazy, and even played with his buckles on his car seat. Ok, play might be an overstatement but he is definitely becoming aware of his hands and all the wonderful things they can do.

One of the few pictures I was able to get this week without hands in his mouth.
"Bachin It" - When my dad used to go out of town my mom used to tell me we were "bachin it". I had absolutely no idea what that meant but I sure did love it (I got to sleep in their bed)! This past week Noah and I bached it for the first time. We survived Scott's first work travel slightly more tired than normal, but no worse for wear.
We wore this shirt so Dad knew how much we missed him!
Mommy and Noah time. This was the day the Reppy family left. We pretty much vegged alllllll day in recovery from our jam packed weekend.
Bend it like Beckham - We have a kicker on our hands! While he is enjoying learning how to use his hands, his feet are getting an equal work out. When he lays on his activity mat he not only bats at the toys, he kicks them too. He loves to push against my hands and pretty much anything that lets those cute little legs move and groove.
Happy little boy. I get this face a lot when his little legs are flailing around.
Who are you...who who, who who - Ok, we all know by now that Noah is a spitting image of his dad. BUT, I would like to share the following picture that I ran across. I think you can definitely see a resemblance between me as a one month old and my little boy...
I see a resemblance, do you?
When all else fails, snuggle - This is pretty much my motto with Noah. We try the conventional ways of getting to sleep and 95% of the time they work. But there are those days when a little boy just needs his mom and I happily oblige.
Mornings in bed are the best!
Cat Scratch Fever - Luckily Noah doesn't have a fever but he has taken to cat napping. He feels that a handful of 30 minute naps throughout the day are perfectly acceptable. I am reallllly hoping we can turn these into three solid naps soon as it pretty much seems like no sooner do I get him down then we are waking up making it hard to get anything done around the house.
Who me? I am clearly a big boy and don't need real naps.
I LOVE this outfit.

Ok, I am clearly stretching to come up with news this week. Our week was FILLED with fun and we were on the go pretty much non stop which made news other than Allison's visit hard to come by.

First stop was Happy Hollow. Crick and the kids came down to meet us and we had a blast taking in the animals, rides, and playground. The kids also rode their first roller coaster. It was a pretty decent little first drop!
Eli "driving" this ride.
Waving from Danny the Dragon
Noah was psyched.
The next day we took in a little San Francisco sight seeing. Normally I drive people all over the city but with three under three we decided to abbreviate the driving and just hit the highlights. We spent some time rolling in the sand and grass at Crissy Field and then made our way to Chestnut street for some lunch.
Golden Gate Bridge from Crissy Field
Lunch at Squat & Gobble
Scott and I had to head back south a bit early for Aimee and Andrea's baby shower. It was a great shower and we are VERY excited for the arrival of Valentino!
Mamma to be and I.
Sunday the Retchless Family flaked out and took a day of rest. I don't know how Allison keeps the pace she keeps with two  little ones but Scott and I were beat from the previous activities so we stayed home with the Reppy family took in more SF fun.
Bath time! We did take out the sling in the bath this week and I am liking it MUCH better.
Of course, we couldn't skip out on our Sunday Supper (that is the official name now) resolution. I swear I am going to post both meals we have prepared so far this week! 
Good thing I had Eli to clean up after me in the kitchen!
Monday I was back in action and we all headed south for a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. When I was a working woman, the Aquarium was a client of mine so I had been a handful of times. However, this was my first visit as a true visitor and I enjoyed soaking up all exhibits at my leisure. I did miss the behind the scenes perks though!! 
The Open Sea.
One very funny thing about having two nursing mammas traveling all over the Bay is that we pretty much made every place we went a DayOne center! Luckily our kids were pretty much on the same schedule so we were able to nurse and carry on our merry little way! 

As you can see, we had an amazing time hosting Allie and her family. It really makes me sad to have them so far away. The cottage seems like a great distance to be from them on a regular basis! It was priceless having Eli come in every morning and say, "Hi, can I touch baby Noah?". Then with our ok he would climb up onto the bed and say good morning to Noah in the cutest little voice. It is amazing how fast they change and grow and I wish we could share more moments with our kids together. I guess Skype will have to suffice :-(.
There are a zillion more pictures and a ton of great things to say but I am exhausted. To all my blog readers, you're welcome...I opted to blog instead of nap!! Here's to an early bedtime!!
Ok, one more.

A quick anecdote about the above:

Steph sees Eli carrying in a handful of jackets/hats:

Steph: Is that Jillian's coat?
Eli: No, it's my baby's suit.

I gave a puzzled glance but I just kind of dismissed it. Then I see Allison getting it ready to put in the car:

Steph: WHAT is THAT?
Al: Jillian's suit. You don't think she'll need it?

I broke out in hysterical laughter. We were having between 60 and 70 degree days!!! I guess if there was an earthquake that shifted the weather patterns for the US and we ended up in a blizzard she would be prepared.

The end.

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