Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year! 
Pick your poison!
It is a little bittersweet saying goodbye to 2011. It was a truly remarkable year for us, the best we have ever experienced, and it is sad to see it go. On the other hand, we have so much to look forward to in 2012 and beyond. Noah is changing daily and each new development is exciting and celebrated.

This year we had planned on just parking it on the couch for New Year's and, frankly, being in bed when the ball dropped. BUT, Kristina and Nick invited us over for a "Young and the Retchless" New Year instead. It was divine!  There was SO much good food and equally great company. While we ended up at home before midnight, we did see the ball drop and said a swift goodnight to the first hour of 2012!
The appetizer spread.
Mushroom risotto by the renowned Andrea! Pretty sure I ate my quota for the year in one night.

Yeah, we were overdressed and loving every second of it!
Noah and cousin Meesh.

My little man and I at dinner.
The Y&R...can you spot Nick the creeper?
The depressing part about partaking in a couple of drinks...the milk that had to be dumped :-(.
Now, onto resolutions. I'll start with the fun one. While watching Julie & Julia the other morning (Scott has been off work and we have been having priceless lazy mornings rotating in and out of bed, snuggling with our little guy, and watching movies on TV) Scott came up with an amazing resolution. 

Resolution 1: Every Sunday for one year we will try a new recipe and cook it together as a family. If we like it, it goes into the cookbook, if not, we move on. 

We are really excited about this resolution as we both enjoy cooking and being together. Plus, the current rotation of dinners is getting a little tired so some new additions are very welcome. Scott and I cook pretty lean most of the time but these Sunday dinners don't really have any rules. Tonight's had heavy cream...and it was awesome! I will be reporting each week on our creation and whether it makes the book or not.

Ok, now on to the less fun resolutions:

Resolution #2: Be a more active friend.
What does that even mean? It means that I love my friends but I am horrible about reaching out and returning phone calls. I value my friends that live across the country and want to put forth a better effort of staying in touch more frequently. I think I get paralyzed because a lot of time goes by and then I feel I need to find an hour to devote to catching up. I have decided that I just need to call...if we only get to chat for 15 minutes, that's better than no minutes at all. As for my friends that are in town...they are off the hook and don't have to talk to me on the phone. BUT, expect more invites for happy hour or lunch :-). 

Resolution #3: Get fit.

This shouldn't really be a resolution but I do have a half marathon in July so I resolve to be ready for it!

Well, that's it. Should be a fun and exciting year! Stay tuned for Week 1 of "Cooking with SR". 

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