Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Noah News: Week 11

Thank God for this blog or I would forget how old Noah is! Obviously I know he is 2 and a half months but I get hung up on weeks when put on the spot.
Don't you just want to eat him up?!
Martha Stewart comes to Menlo Park - Noah loves to look at things hanging above him so I decided he needed a mobile in his room. I couldn't really find any that I loved so I decided to DIY a solution. Yes, those are what many would consider party decorations but I sure to like them as a new permanent addition to the nursery. Well, until Noah decides he is over them!

Reach for the stars - Noah's coordination with his hands is progressing amazingly. Each day he seems more deliberate with his movements and seems to actually hit/touch/grab whatever he is going for. Of course, he is only 11 weeks old so he is still pretty flaily but it is so fun to watch him develop before our eyes.
What you lookin' at? - This is one of my favorite looks Noah gives us. Every time he is giving us big smiles and telling stories I bust out the camera and immediately I am met with this look as if to say, "Why are you pointing that thing at me again?!". He is definitely trying to figure out his world and his little brow is playing a huge role in understanding just what the heck we are all doing all the time!
Big smiles during story time....
Realizes that crazy phone/camera has appeared again!
I think he likes the little animals on the back of my phone. I like that little bear bottom!

Hands Free Sleeping - This one was a surprise! There were a few times throughout the week that he seemed to be fighting sleep a bit more than normal (as soon as we put him in his swaddle) but Saturday night was the true breaking point. Starting at about 4pm he pretty much lost his mind whenever we tried to put our clearly exhausted little boy in his swaddle and lay him down (by 9:30 he had maybe slept 15 minutes). Noah is not really a crier and we actually thought that something was really wrong a couple of times. There were strip downs to make sure nothing on his clothes were bothering him, diaper changes, offering more food, Happiest Baby on the Block, rocking, swaying, snuggling, burping...you get the idea. We pulled out all our tricks and nothing was making him happy. EXCEPT, his hands. He would repeatedly fall asleep in our arms without his swaddle on. Finally, mom and dad got the hint that he didn't want to sleep in his baby straight jacket any more. Of course, hands free means no more blankets (a fact that was driven home when I found him sucking on his blanket that I covered only his toes with!) and our house does not hold heat well so we needed a back up solution and fast! I managed to dig up a hand-me-down sleep sack and snuggled our little guy in for the night. He did pretty well, only one extra wake up at 1:30am. He definitely wiggles more than usual and sucks on his hands to soothe himself but as long as I didn't intervene he would work himself back to sleep.
Look mom, my hands are out!
You know you're a ___________ - There are so many fantastic ways to fill in this blank based on the following picture. I prefer "responsible breastfeeding mom". In my preemptive defense, I haven't used any yet...just figured better safe than sorry if there is ever a question.
I will also add the inventor of this is a genius and I was quite happy to stumble upon this at my local Target.

Planning. Planning. Planning. - Next week I will share my insane list I have put together for my trip to St. Louis but this week we accidentally did a little airline seat practicing.
Crashed out on my lap after eating. We are crossing our fingers for a bit of this cute snoozing on the plane!

A few week 11 randoms (and a few that I missed from week 10):
Just a typical Sunday...toy, Baby Sleep Book, paci, two monitors, timer, water, and beer for Dad.
Noah got a visit from his Great Great Aunt Kay!
We also had a girl's night at the house. Plus Scott, Noah & a late arrival of Kirk. BUT, it was fun to catch up. Jess, we missed you but Hoffy was a great stand in!
Pam and Noah

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