Friday, March 2, 2012

4 Months: Must Haves

I have decided to post another "things that I can't live without" list. A lot of it is still the same as it was early on but I have added a few new ones, too:

Itzbeen Timer - My lifeline. I now time length between feedings, awake time, asleep time, and time since last teething tablets. I suppose I could try and keep all of these thing straight in my own head or read Noah's cues but having this little device counting for me frees up my mind to remember other things (like feeding the dogs!).

My Brest Friend - This seriously is my best friend. Not only do we spend a ridiculous amount of time together in extremely close proximity but it is also a life saver. I am finally getting slightly more adept at nursing without it but I much prefer life with it. The freedom it affords my hands while nursing (to clip tiny finger nails or play on the iPad) is wonderful!

Dog Bowl - While the poms rarely get to come on outings with us anymore this little tool comes in handy for warming bottles on the go. It is hard to ask for a receptacle big enough to dump hot water and a bottle into when dining out so I just bust out the bowl and ask for some piping hot water...problem solved.

Diaper Bag - I started out with a cutesy little diaper bag. That lasted about 8 weeks before it became very clear that these little people require a big amount of stuff. In order to stop the overflow I upgraded to a much bigger model that actually isn't a diaper bag at all. I love it!

Hyland's Teething Tablets - This one is a fresh addition. These things seriously do the trick with our new teether. He has slept markedly better since we introduced these at bedtime.

AngelCare Monitor - Peace.of.mind. This thing is amazing. I originally thought it was going to be a pain when I was setting it up and actually figured out how to disable the movement sensor. Now I can't even begin to fathom turning that sensor off. Knowing that he is safely breathing in his crib allows mom and dad to get some real sleep rather than one ear/eye open to make sure he is ok.

Activity Mat - This is pretty much the only way my house stays clean and I stay showered. Noah LOVES his mat and will bat and coo at things for decent stretches of time. When I need to shower I just drag it so I can see him from the shower and we both do what we need to do. We have also hung about a zillion additional items from the hooks!

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Kristina said...

YES!!!! activity mat made the list. I feel like a good cousin already :-)
I mean, how cute are those little owls!?!