Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Noah News: Week 19

Abort Mission - This week we got a clear look at our new life after baby. Scott and I always said we wanted to have a routine but also be able to go with the flow and not have to be home every night in time for bedtime. Well, life had other plans for us. This is a key example of "you can't judge until you are in the situation" because I never would have expected us to be the people having to flee a party at 7:30 with a little one who needed to get home to his bedtime routine. Everything started off beautifully with Noah playing happily at Jess & Kirk's (after spitting up on their couch...yikes). About the time bedtime routine should begin he started fussing so we tried to get him to sleep in his car seat. No way, Jose, was his response. We did a quick assessment of our options: a) feed him a bottle, hope he falls asleep, enjoy party and then sort out the damage when we get home; b) one of us could continue to try and sway him to sleep and hope eventually he would succumb to his seat; c) abort dinner party, leave friends in peace, get home and put the boy to bed. Obviously we went with Option C. It definitely isn't fun to have to leave a party before the entrees come out but the best interest of Noah is always going to prevail. Next time, we will get a babysitter!
We were sent home with some delicious short ribs but had to improvise on our side dish! Not that I'm complaining...I LOVE shells & cheese.
False Alarm - Apparently we can call Week 19 "fail week". I have determined that the tooth I was sure Noah had coming in disappeared. The little white dot is no longer although the slobbering, hand chewing, toy chomping is still in full swing. I have no idea what the white dot where a first tooth should be was/is or where it went. Stay tuned...
I'm still seriously cute without a tooth!
Attachment Issues - In continuing our theme...we need to get some new faces/hands around these parts to take on some sleep routines. In the past week Noah has flat refused to take naps for Scott. He goes down like an angel for me but cries hysterically for Scott (with the exception of bedtime...that is easy peasy). I am sure it is because I put him down for virtually all of his naps since I am his daytime care but come next weekend it is Dad central in the nap department. Must nip this in the bud now!
He is also attached to his Lovey. A particular favorite move is putting it over his face.
Puppy Love - Noah is becoming SUPER aware of the pomeranians and he loves them. He reaches out to touch them and follows them whenever they walk nearby. Enjoy him now poms, when he is mobile you are in trouble!
"Hey, Lola!"
Speaking of Lola, I got this at the grocery this week. It was actually quite tasty.
If you're happy and you know it - No, Noah doesn't clap his hands yet but he does smile for the camera now. Not on command, but instead of looking at it with that furrowed brow he embraces it!

There is NOTHING better than going in his room after he wakes up. He is the happiest kid!
He probably needs more toys. He looks pretty unhappy ;-)
Luck o the Irish - I am pretty sure that somewhere in the mutt heritage of Scott and me that there is some Irish blood. And, if not, we sure do enjoy the holiday anyway! This year we spent it with the Strand Fam and had a wonderful day visiting with family!
The cutest little leprechaun.
His cousin Kayla did an amazing job keeping him happy and entertained!
First Day of Spring - Tuesday marked the first day of spring and in order to celebrate we had a screen door installed! Martin Screen Shop pulled out all the stops and made us a custom door with a doggy door included. Hello open window/door season!!
Anxiously awaiting summer!!!

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