Thursday, March 1, 2012

Noah News: Week 16

Gum breaking news - On Monday I was going about my day like any know, singing random songs about doing dishes, a little peek-a-boo, diaper changes, enjoying gummy smiles from my boy, and then it happened...I saw something in his mouth. At first I thought it was spit up. Standard. But upon another glance and a little feel I confirmed that my little boy got his first TOOTH! I was shocked! He turns four months old next week, I thought we had at least another month or two until teething was an issue. So, now I feel like a terrible mom because that sleep regression we discussed could very well have been my poor Noah waking up in pain from his teeth (more on this below). In order to combat the mean ole tooth I set out for CVS and picked up every teething item I could get my hands on. Oh, and I emailed the pediatrician for recommendations :-). Below is a small sample of the ridiculousness that ended up in my cart. A teething three month is a challenge because his hand/mouth coordination isn't awesome yet so he doesn't do great holding things at his mouth to chew on...they usually end up flung aside at some point.

Sophie teether. Much easier for his small hands to maneuver than the big Sophie. Plus, this one doesn't squeak which makes Arnold much more sane.
The Orajel was kind of ho-hum. He didn't seem to like it and I didn't see awesome results. The Hyland's Teething Tablets might be the greatest invention ever. This was a doctor recommendation and they work, people!
Snoozy Woozy - I mentioned that the sleep regression could have been the teething. It also could have had nothing to do with it. I am still ok with the approach we took (although I would have probably worked some teething tablets into the line up if I would have known) as it seems to be working. It has taken almost a week and a half but last night we finally got back to 3am and 6am. One night took 2 hours of crying it out but I think he got the picture that there is no food before 2am. Period. Also, having logged two hours of crying already I am scared to death to see what this kid is capable of when we try to cut night feedings all together. I might need to be committed after.
Crazy that this used to be his bed. Now he hangs out in here in the kitchen while we cook or do dishes. He likes to be in on all the action!
40 Days and 40 Nights - No, this actually doesn't have anything to do with Noah's Ark (although the irony is kind of interesting to me). This is about Lent. Tis that time of year again to sacrifice something. Last year I gave up drinking. How nice of me considering I was carrying a little boy in my belly! This year, I will NOT be giving up drinking (9 months gets me off the hook for at least a few years, right?) but rather french fries. While this is not a challenge day-to-day I think it will significantly help my caloric intake when eating out because I love me some fries with my burger/chicken/salad/diet coke...right, pretty much on the side of anything you can obtain at an eating establishment! Speaking of Diet Coke, Scott has taken on that challenge...please pray for us all!!! 

We are family - Noah got to have two special visitors this week...his first cousins once removed (right, let's just call them cousins). Cayce and Erin Eilene both came to visit us and soak up some Noah time. Erin is expecting her little boy at the end of this month and we can't wait to meet the newest member of the Smith clan. How I took zero pictures of their visit is beyond me but it was wonderful to catch up with family and share a little of our California world with them. 

And the Oscar goes to - Not me. I came in last in the fun game of ballot guessing (5 right) with Cayce blowing away the competition (10 right).  Noah was kissing up to his Grandma a perfect angel and loved watching Grandma's very favorite programming of the year. Maybe next year we will be able to witness one of her epic pre-Oscar parties (I say pre because once the show is on it is sit down and shut up time).
Look at that focus!
Heat Wave Blasts Peninsula - Noah and I took full advantage of a heat wave that blew through last week and parked out in the front yard for some afternoon play time. It was SO nice to get outside for a few hours and watch the neighborhood and get some fresh air. It has me very anxious for the weather to be consistently gorgeous! 
Hands in mouth. Silly tooth.
"I love playing outside, mom"
Root, root, root for the home team - There is a huge small argument in our house as to who Noah is going to root for when it comes to baseball. As far as I am concerned, I spend 99% of my time with him so he will be a Cardinals fan if I have to brainwash him to do so. That said, we will be attending 99% of his baseball viewing experiences at AT&T park watching the Giants. I guess he can be both as long as he knows that when they play each other it is all about the red birds!
We're #1!
Back up team ;-)
This Stanford nonsense won't do either. I need to get this kid in some black and gold!

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