Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Noah News: Week 17

Happy Orange Friday! Noah and I both ended up in orange last Friday...a bit premature for the Giants season but we were enjoying ourselves.
This week was pretty much business as usual around here. No new teeth, no crazy sleep debacles, no new milestones reached. Just an average, run of the mill, wonderful week in the Retchless Household. I came up with a few headlines for you just to keep you hooked (and a lot of pictures!)...

**I wrote this before the final headline, not such a "boring" week after all**

The Mystery of the Disappearing Timer - I blogged last week about my lifeline, the Itzbeen Timer. This week the unthinkable disappeared! GASP! It seriously vanished into thin air and took its friend, Mr. Pacifier, with it. I was packing up to leave the house, threw these items in the diaper bag (I am 99% sure), and midway through my drive realized that it was no where to be found. I scoured the house & lawn to no avail (I even checked the fridge, freezer, dishwasher, etc...). Apparently this little timer saw his opening and made a run for freedom. I will be ordering another one immediately.
I have no idea where that silly timer went!
Checked Up, Checked Out - Noah had his four month doctor appointment today and we learned that we have a healthy, wonderful (we already knew that!) little boy. The doctor was impressed with his growth and strength and told us we have one long, lean little peanut.
Post doctor visit, ready for bed.
  • Length - 25 in. (50-75 percentile)
  • Weight - 13.4 lbs. (25-50 percentile)
  • Sleep - Time to cry it out. Well, that wasn't the official diagnosis, but we were given the OK to go ahead and sleep train our little man. There are a zillion opinions on when and how to sleep train (or not) a baby. The main thing we learned today is that Noah nutritionally does not need to eat in the middle of the night. He is perfectly capable of going from 8-8 without a feeding and will continue to thrive. Scott and I have made the decision to go ahead and sleep train him with techniques from Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. It is going to painful for all of us for a few days but the end result will be a very happy family.
  • My precious sleeping boy. It is going to be seriously hard to not snuggle him when he cries :-(.
  • Lovey - Noah got permission to sleep with his lovey. While he sleeps just fine without it, he has found consolation in holding it in the middle of the night but we were always afraid to let him keep it. Dr. T took a look and said it didn't pose a hazard for SIDS so we are going to let him have it in his crib when we start sleep training as a comfort. 
  • Noah's is the one on the left. Better buy some back ups if we are starting down this attachment road...
  • Food - Noah likes to watch us eat. He especially likes to try to mimic me eating yogurt. Dr. T said that this would be a good time to start him on the fun of solids! At this point it is occupational therapy for babies rather than a nutrition thing so we are going to try it out at some point in the next week and see how it goes. If it fails, no biggie, if he likes it, bonus. Avocado is up first...I can assure you there will be pictures and a full report.
  • Shot - Noah got one shot today and I had Scott & the bottle all prepared for the pending meltdown. The nurse came in and administered the shot and, go figure, he didn't even let out a whimper. I think he was putting on a brave face for Daddy :-). 
...and the little one said, "roll over, roll over" - It happened, we had our first roll over! Noah went from front to back today. He has never been a fan of tummy time, so I am not terribly surprised that he decided that was the way to turn first but it was so exciting to see. It is amazing to me how one day they can't do it and the next it is like they have been doing it forever. I think we are inching closer to a reverse performance but I am still on Cloud 9 about this one (even though Dr. T made sure to tell me it was not a developmental milestone!).

Progress going back to stomach. He stalls out about this point every time!
A few more from a nice afternoon this past weekend....

Lola on neighborhood watch/

My man in a silly little shirt!

Arnold enjoying his time in the shade.

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LC said...

Stephanie...seriously, he is so adorable! Don't you just love it! I'm sure you get the same thing I do. "OH, he looks so much like his daddy!" Good luck with the sleep training. We just did it this past month. It was REALLY hard for the first few nights. Just know that he is almost at his first big sleep regression (4 months was a tired time in our home)! Seems like you guys are doing so well! Congrats, again :)