Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Noah News: Week 20

Bumpity Bump - Over the past couple weeks we have been monitoring a rash on Noah's chest. It seemed very unoffensive and didn't bother him in the least but we were keeping an eye on it. This weekend, it spread to his arm and leg and seemed a little more aggressive (although still leaving us with one happy boy). I went ahead and emailed the doctor and he said he wasn't too concerned but to come in Monday for a look. Verdict: mild eczema. We got a cream and were told he will likely grow out of it but to treat it the same way each time it flares up in the meantime.
The doctor, again?!
  • Other Musings from Dr. T:
    • Noah is officially teething. He said that his lower gums were swollen and that there were some teeth trying to work their way through.
    • We were assigned to do sleep training over again. Lucky us! We thought we got off easy with just a few nights of short fussy spells but this past weekend we had a MAJOR sleep regression with the peanut. He was a crying mess and so we caved on a couple of occasions. Dr. T took a look at him and said he was a healthy, happy baby so we needed to sleep train. We mentioned we already did and he said it was time to get serious. SO, we headed home knowing that we had a few long nights ahead of us. We are still in the thick of it so wish us luck that by the weekend we have a sleeping boy again!
    • Rice cereal. I believe I mentioned that I had opted to skip rice cereal for Noah as a first food. Well, in an effort to help him sleep through the night happily, Dr. T gave us the suggestion of adding 1-2tsp. of rice cereal to his nighttime bottle to thicken it up and give him some extra calories. He also mentioned that it might help him spit up less in the night with the thicker consistency. Here's hoping because Noah is quite the puker 24-7!
Noah really likes to put every blanket/burp cloth/clothing item on his head!

So close, yet so far - Noah is SO close to rolling back to front. He gets his entire lower body pretty much flipped over but just can't quite flip over that silly arm yet. Soon, so soon!
No picture of our rolling progress, BUT, Noah officially discovered his feet. Should be even more fun when they make their way to his mouth :-).

Family Matters - Sunday we set off across the Bay to celebrate Tanner's 3rd birthday. I really can't believe that the Tan Man is already 3. I was nannying for the Stand Fam when Tanner was Noah's age and that feels like just yesterday. Crazy how fast time flies...  We also were able to catch up with West Coast faction of the Kyle Family while we were celebrating which is always a special treat. We need to do this more often!
West Coast Kyle Family
Tanner when he was just a touch younger than Noah.
My old day job...looks very similar to my new day job!
All that partying wore out the little guy. Dad was pretty happy to let him have a snooze on his lap though!
Birthday boy and his cake.
Oh, yes, it's ladies night - Saturday night was Retchless Ladies Night Out. We took San Carlos by storm for a birthday celebration for Renee. Actually, we looked rather tame in comparison to the other wild cats trolling the area! 
Our happy little bunch.
And, one for the road. Noah is learning some Double Solitaire strategy early...

He really liked staring at the cards!

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