Tuesday, April 24, 2012

First Family Vacation

As I am sure you have noticed, we set off on our first family vacation last week. We packed our bags (4 checked and about 25 carry ons...seriously, 5 months old require a lot of stuff) and set off for our third annual Scottsdale trip. We go every year and meet my parents and Dennis & Derry. The ladies play while the men golf and then we all get to enjoy good food, company, and drinks in the evening. 
Noah enjoying some peas in AZ.
This year the trip had definitely evolved. I mentioned in my last post that Scott and I often feel like two ships performing our parental duties and this trip was no different.
Year 1: Engaged.
Year 2: Married and about 10 weeks pregnant.
Year 3: A family of 3.
The Good:
  • The weather was ah-ma-zing. It was unseasonably warm which was fine by me!
Noah trying to cool down with Grandma's tea. He wants everything that people have in their hands.
  • Noah and I got in some quality Grandma time. We both miss her tons and it was so nice to let her get in lots of snuggles.
Out at one of our many delicious lunches.
  • Scott got to golf for four days straight. 
Future golfing star.
  • Noah fell in love for the first time. He had such an adorable crush on Derry! (Derry doesn't like to be photographed so Noah will just have to remember her in his dreams!)
  • Noah went swimming for the first time. He seemed to enjoy it and was more concerned when Scott went under water than when his little face got submerged (it was actually an accident but turned out to be a happy one).
My little swimmer. If there is one thing this kid will know how to do it is swim!
Learning to float.
  • Noah is a great flyer. He was a perfect little guy on the plane once again.
I know I am biased but this is one good looking kid!
The Bad:
  • Noah was having nothing to do with sleeping. Pack n Plays are officially not the answer for our little guy. In the end we pretty much co-slept with him to help him back to sleep during his frequent wakings. 
Pondering his previous evening.
  • Scott and I felt like we barely had any time together. By the time we got up and got through morning routine it was time for Scott to head to the golf course. When he arrived home we traded off taking showers and then it was time for dinner prep, cooking, bedtime routine, etc... By the end of the day we were both beat and so the trip kind of turned out to be more of us just passing by one another. Next year we both decided a day or two less of golf would be ideal so we can have more family fun.
Playing on vacation kind of rocks. Nothing like bare legs and feet!
The Facts:
  • I had intended to read a book with pages (versus e-reader) and sit by the pool at least one full day. I ended up reading zero pages of any kind of book and getting my rays by taking walks daily. While it wasn't the original plan, the walks were very relaxing and I intend to make long walks a part of Noah and I's routine a bit more.
Maybe no pool but we had some amazing lunches with gorgeous scenery.
  • Nothing changes on vacation. The pump comes along, Noah still needs to breastfeed, there is no sleeping in, bath and bedtime are still the same...you get the idea. Parental responsibilities are still there even though having extra loving hands around does make things easier.
Dado and me.
  • When we got home on Sunday we popped an '07 Nickel Cab and snuggled up on the couch. Noah was happily asleep in his crib and I think we both finally relaxed. 
  • I got a long awaited margarita. It was perfect.
My treat at the Spotted Donkey.

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