Friday, April 27, 2012

Random Thoughts

Noah is napping, I am surfing the internet and letting my mind wander. Here are just a few things that are bouncing around in there (seriously, these are random)...

Why do they make baby pants with real pockets? Unless Apple comes out with an infant iPhone (you know, so they can set up their own play dates) it seems a little silly and a lot bulky!
Nothing like getting the technology in early!
I wish it was easier to unfriend people on Facebook. I have had a few instances lately where a friend's post shows up on my Newsfeed and I actually say, "who is that?!". Probably time to clean out the list! 

I quit Bar Method. It was a pretty tough break up after being together for two years but it was no longer working for my current needs. I am looking for child care, more classes, and a cancellation policy that doesn't involve 2 HOURS notice. 

I ordered a Bob Stroller. This is my current solution to the "I need an exercise plan" debacle. Hopefully Noah likes it as much as his Orbit.
Coming soon to a sidewalk near ME!

I seriously don't know what I would do without my Ergo. Evening walks with the poms have become a part of our every day routine and it is such a nice time killer activity.
He still won't ride on the front but I am a-ok with our backpack trips :-)
Speaking of evenings; I love our neighborhood between about 6:30 and 7:30pm. There are lots of families out with their kids all doing the same thing...killing those few extra minutes and I'm sure extra energy (we walk to keep Noah awake right now) before bedtime routine starts. 

I really enjoy sleeping on the floor. Or, really, just being on the floor in general. Whenever I go back to St. Louis I find myself on the kitchen floor for some reason or another (I usually start just to say hello to Belle). Lately I have been curling up on the floor next to Noah's crib for morning nap (we both catch some zzzz's). For some reason I like it better than my tempurpedic bed at that time. Strange? I think so. Don't worry Scott, I won't be trading our bed for the floor any time soon. 

Noah went through 5 outfits yesterday. 5!

Back to exercise. I took a week off and feel half good and half terrible about it. I am pretty consistent so I am thinking it is nice to give the ole bod a break, BUT I also feel like a smushy lazy person. I guess that means two weeks off won't be an option ;-). 

I want to revamp my diet but I am overwhelmed/intimidated/lazy. I really want to incorporate more whole grains, lean protein, and veggies but I don't really know where to start. I think the answer is I need a personal chef (HA!). I love healthy meals but I gravitate towards preparing cheesy, carb laden alternatives. Maybe I'll overhaul Sunday Supper and make this about adding a new super healthy recipe. One a week I think I can commit to. And, for the record, kale is going to have to stay at the grocery. I just can't bring myself to love it even though it is the "it" ingredient for health nuts right now.
Probably not as good as real risotto but probably a good swap!
Sometimes I feel like I should be on Teen Mom. I swear people in the Bay Area don't have kids in their 20s. I went to music class yesterday and felt like the teenage babysitter instead of the mom. I guess my Midwest reproductive clock is just ahead of these Westerners!

And, just in case you were hoping for a picture of Noah...

my peanut!

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