Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Noah News: Week 22

Easter Sunday Funday - While the Easter bunny only brought a few measly pacifiers for Noah (much to Scott's dismay), we did get out and enjoy the beautiful day that we were blessed with. We were also fortunate to be included in Cortney's family's Easter celebration. We had a wonderful time visiting, eating, and watching the Master's. It was a low key, wonderful Easter. Next year, the decorating, Easter Bunny visiting, and Easter basket building will be in full swing!!
Taking Christmas lights down counts as "enjoying" the weather, right?! Oh, and yes, we are those neighbors that took until April to take down our lights. At least we stopped turning them on every night in February!
My Easter boys...Not Noah's more photogenic moment (he refused to nap) but look at those shoes!!
Mommy and Noah.
Just give me a sip of that champagne and I'll be fine!
Cruisin' together - Yep, another picture of my man riding in the Ergo. He is surprisingly tolerant of his sunglasses...

Keep rollin', rollin', rollin' - To ring in 5 months, Noah learned how to roll from back to front. He had been so close and Scott and I kept holding our breath each time he would try and, then, voila! He just pushed on over Monday morning. The real rolling fun began on Monday night, though. At 3am I heard crying screaming through the monitor. As you know, we are fans of CIO but my "mommy instinct" told me this was not the time to have a battle of wills and I headed down the hall to find my little guy on his tummy side way in his crib with his head jammed up against his crib rails. No wonder he was pissed! He is slowly learning how to sleep on his stomach and I am hoping it only gets better with time. I also think his insistence to get onto his stomach is kind of comical since he hates tummy time so much....
Yay, I'm on my tummy!
Oh no, where do I lay my head?
HELP! Why didn't you tell me what a bad idea this was?!
This is pretty much how the last 48 hours of my life has gone...and, yes, he does know how to roll back over...he just doesn't do it. I am pretty sure he would like to crawl so I see a few frustrated weeks/months ahead until he gets stronger.

The Family Bed - We have started some interesting sleep habits around the house this past week. While we are all tough in the middle of the night, we become big softies around 5:30am! We have started letting Noah snuggle in with us from this waking until we all get up for the day (between 7:30 and 8). I know this doesn't really qualify as the family bed or co-sleeping but it is a habit we have started that we all really like. Lola even gave him a snuggle the other day so I think she is on board too! I figure he can come in every morning until he goes to college for all I care...there is nothing better than waking up to those big eyes and a cute smile! 
Seriously, wouldn't you want to wake up to that little head?!
I mentioned sleep habitS...this is my other bad habit. If we are having a rough nap, Noah gets to sleep on Mommy for a bit.
I just can't get enough of these snuggles!
Handy Man - Noah is pretty much a genius when it comes to his hand coordination. He can manipulate his books and toys so just the right spot makes it to his mouth. So what if he has red marks on his head from flailing toys into his noggin...the fine motor skill excellence surely places him into the "exceptionally advanced" category, right?! Of course, I am kidding, but his motor skill development impresses me each day as he gets more skilled at getting what he wants, when and how he wants it.

Trying to drink some milk from my pump parts. Apparently I needed to feed him :-).

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