Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Noah News: Week 21

How sweet it is - potatoes that is! Noah had his first sweet potato this week and it was a hit. Apparently breast milk is sweet and so I think the transition was good for him. He opens up for more bites and I consider it a "favorite" food so far.
Yay sweet potatoes!
Backpackin' - Remember in High School when you just had to have the Jansport book bag with the pen/pencil holder on the outside with the velcro flap that covered it? No? I was the only one who had a weird obsession with bags (ok, I still do)? Well, my latest "backpack" is not of the book toting variety. It is much more functional for my current life since it totes an adorable, big eyed, little boy! Noah will NOT ride in the ergo when it is on my chest (he will cruise in the Bjorn though) but he is a huge fan of hopping on my back and going for a stroll through Safeway or around the neighborhood. He just relaxes and takes in all his surroundings. 
Sorry, the self portrait was a bit hard to capture.
Too cool for school -Noah says that backpacks are so 1999 and he is wayyyy too cool for that!
Ready for Arizona...I'll have "my people" carry my bags for me.
It's a bird, it's a plane... - It's NOAH! We have discovered that we can now give Noah airplane rides on our shins. I am not sure he is 100% psyched about it yet but I'm sure in time we will be asking for "more, more, more"!
Yep, I'm flying, but not really sure why.
Workin' for the weekend - We have put Noah to work. He manages an unruly bunch of plastic rings, pacifiers, blocks, and crinkle toys while I do my morning emails.
This was before he began throwing the rings off the tray onto the table.
Watch out below! - Or anywhere in a two foot vicinity of Noah at all times. I briefly mentioned this last week, but, this kid is a spitter puker! And not just a little dribble here or there, we are talking major quantities without warning. We go through at least 2-3 burp rags a day and at least as many outfits. Of course, he manages to christen my outfit at least once daily (well, many more actually, but I usually can wipe off most of them) with his little surprises so needless to say the washing machine is working overtime.Not to worry, we have asked the pediatrician and it isn't anything to be worried about as he is gaining plenty of weight and it doesn't cause him pain. It is just a pain in the you-know-what for us! We did learn that it should start to settle a bit around 6 months. Can't wait!
Noah's first time in a high chair. He looks so grown up!
**A random PSA for those reading who are nearby and might be willing to get puked on...I am not one to impose my baby on people so you will not often here me saying, "do you want to hold him?". That said, I have no problem sharing all of his adorableness with anyone who wants a turn so you just have to ask, or better yet, just pick him up. 

***resolution for next week, get out the real camera! 

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