Sunday, August 5, 2012

8 Months

Written at 8 months...being published at almost 9. Whoops!
8 months old!!!

Kind of a funny smile, but cute no less!

8 Month Tid Bits:
  • Food - There are very few things off limits in this department any more (except the pediatrician and general mandated 1 year foods). He CHOWS and is loving getting more and more food that he actually has to chew versus purees. He is a pro at munching on pasta and adores Cheerios.
  • Teeth - One and a half! His first bottom tooth is very prominent and the second has just barely popped.
  • Noises - Ba, ba, ba and Ma, ma, ma. No new "words" this month but he is definitely getting louder! He gets very feisty when he isn't getting what he wants and also squeals with excitement these days.
  • Favorites - Standing, solid foods, hummus, ice cream (yes, mother of they year over here), playing with the dishwasher, dancing.
  • Not so favorites - Being confined, sleeping past 6am (we've improved from 5am! Dare I hope for 7am for month 9?), getting dressed, diaper changes.
  • Overall - Noah is so incredibly full of life. He is constantly seeking out new things to explore and is always living life on the edge trying to accomplish something never done before (i.e.-climbing into the suitcase or going down stairs standing).
These pictures are increasingly hard to take. He would not pose with that bear!
I'm outta here.
Baby has sticker, bear has sticker, baby has paper, baby eats paper, baby still refuses to cooperate.

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