Thursday, August 23, 2012

Noah News: Week 41

And just like that, time marches on. On to the next week, next scrunchy face, next scream because I took my hair brush away. One little man has so many opinions. And it is 100% amazing.
Our little monkey.
The light bulb goes off - This is a bit delayed as I meant to type it last week (have to give my boy the credit where due) BUT, we have officially started catching on to the fact that Noah really "gets" things. He knows what his ball is, what "no" means (not that he behaves when told), and a variety of other words and phrases. He is truly beginning to have a strong opinion of likes and dislikes and will shower us with all the smiles in the world when he is happy...which is 99% of the time. Sigh...I have a wonderful little boy.
Look at that belly!!
Mom needed to fill a few hours so we went and toddled around Dad's work.
London Bridge Our bed is Falling Down - After cautiously climbing into bed for the past 9 months, trying to minimize the ever present creaking, our bed bit the dust. We had been daydreaming about a new bed for months but kept putting it off in favor of spending money elsewhere. However, when your husband is sleeping on a downhill slope, it is time to pop for the new frame. In the meantime, it is the best toy EVER. Noah gravitates to our bedroom and when you round the corner and see him headed toward the mattress he speeds up and scurries onto the bed to nuzzle, roll, flop and giggle! He will be one sad peanut when the new bed arrives.
I owe you a picture of him playing on the bed...until then more macaroni shots!
Bye bye - Noah caught us by surprise the other day...I was standing in the doorway and waved "bye bye" and Noah looked right at me, waved and said something that sounded a heck of a lot like bye bye. Scott and I both looked at each other as if to say, "did you hear it, too?". He isn't a pro just yet but from time to time he will recreate his moment of genius! For the record, he waves all the time...usually to people who have no idea that he is waving to them (i.e.-the men washing my car at the car wash this week).

Saying hi to the baby ostriches.

Let's be honest, Noah is pretty darn cute and makes me smile constantly. However, I am not very capable of concentrating on his news this week because it is Lola's news that is consuming me. Thank God for my little boy who is keeping me happy! Lola's post coming up in a bit. 
My girl.

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