Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Noah News: Week 40 & 9 Months

40 weeks. Yes, that means my little peanut has been out as long as he was in. It is amazing that little ones go from a thought to a person in 9 months and then a blob to a fun, stubborn, smiley, walking little boy in 9 more months.
40 in.
40 out.
9 Month Tid Bits:
  • Food - Noah likes anything that involves cheese and some kind of bread-like product. Macaroni stand NO chance against our little eater. He is still taking about 20 oz. of formula daily but we are going to start tapering back on his morning bottle as he is not eating breakfast as a result of being too full. He is getting most of his veggies from Plum Baby Food pouches but that is mostly because we are on the go a lot and it is the easiest way to fill him up AND get the good stuff in (most restaurants don't have over steamed broccoli on the menu).
  • Macaroni Monster!
  • Sleep - Noah is still a wonderful sleeper. He takes two naps daily (9am & 2pm), each about 2 hours, and sleeps from 7:30pm to 6am. 6am now officially feels like 4am to me even though it is a completely reasonable time to rise. I never was an early riser but I am trying my best to acclimate.
  • Teeth - Two bottom toofers! According to the pediatrician he is working on two more down there and two on top. No word on when they might actually make an appearance though.
  • Stats: Length-27.5 inches (50th percentile), Weights 17lbs. 15oz. (10th percentile).
  • Noises - (no real changes from 8 months) Ba, ba, ba and Ma, ma, ma. No new "words" this month but he is definitely getting louder! He gets very feisty when he isn't getting what he wants and also squeals with excitement these days.
  • Favorites - Walking, macaroni, blueberries, leaf "hunting", running away from my when I chase him, balls, dancing. 
  • Not so favorites - Being confined, sleeping past 6am, getting dressed, diaper changes, not getting to eat when mom & dad have food (we always give him something but are still taken back by his screams when we grab something for ourselves).

Leaf Hunting - I mentioned that one of Noah's favorite things to do is leaf hunt. Now that he is walking, the house just doesn't seem to be big enough for all his energy so we have been trying to play outside more (ok, a ton). The thing that makes that very difficult is his need to put every leaf he finds in his mouth. That, along with any other non-edible ground item creates a lot of "NO!"s every time we leave the hosue. 

Two favorites in one: ball and leaf hunting. Well, in this case, dandelion hunting.
Noah, No! - Speaking of, no... Noah definitely understands what no means but has not taken to actually abiding by my rules just yet. Every time I tell him no he takes pause, looks at me, and 99% of the time continues with the naughty action.  Dog food/bowls are especially fun for testing the limits!

Grown Up Fun - We had a great weekend last weekend that included a date night AND a trip to Napa to soak up some sun, and, of course, plenty of wine! Who would believe we have a 9 month old...we are like our fun old selves!!!!

Giants Date Night.
Kirk & Jess at Nickel.
Cat Scratch Fever - Noah found out the hard way that cats are not man's best friend. Terra is the Frog's Leap house cat. This is the LAZIEST cat I have ever seen. It is always perched up on a chair or in front of the fireplace and I have never seen the cat so much as flinch. I figured this was a pretty harmless kitty and let Noah pet his tail. Well, Noah got bored with that and moved to Terra's hindquarters. Not ok. Terra wigged and scratched Noah's arm with his non-declawed front paws. Noah was surprisingly ok about this and even wanted to go back for more (bleeding arm and all). All boy, I tell ya. All boy.
Terra. More feisty than she looks!
I owe this post some 9 month "formal" pictures. I'll get to work on that as soon as I muster up the strength to have a battle with my little mover (and find a white onesie that fits).

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jec22vr said...

Happy Birthday Noah! I can't even believe it's been 9 months. He's such a little gentleman - I thoroughly enjoyed Noah and my date on Saturday (no matter that there were several other people on it with me :) )