Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Noah News: Week 39

Going for Gold - Scott and I are trying to win a gold medal in the sport of Olympic TV watching. Seriously, NBC is killing me. Two hours of synchronized diving before the good stuff comes on? Tons of filler stories (about 20% of which are moderately interesting) and an end time of MIDNIGHT?! I should have been warned so that I could train appropriately for this marathon of TV viewing. Maybe I'll time my next baby with the next Olympic Games so there is always something on to watch (all hours of day & night...brilliant!). ANYWAY, Scott and I love the Olympics and the summer games hold a special spot in our hearts because 4 years ago we were living in different cities, talking every night while the games were going on and cheering on Michael Phelps in separate time zones. Of course, when we were together we would whip up yummy dinners and snuggle in to watch :-). Kind of crazy all that has happened in four years. I sure do like where we have landed though!
I put one of these into my last post a bit belated but I lack many recent pictures of Scott and I. Apologies for the repeat.
Nom, Nom, Nom - Speaking of Olympics, Noah could win a medal in competitive eating. He will eat pretty much anything I put in front of him and is not very interested in purees any more. This brings to my question of the day, what do you cook your kids?! I contemplate just feeding him what we eat but I am worried about spiciness, sodium levels (I don't cook with much salt but I can't imagine taco seasoning is low in sodium), and likeability (9 month olds aren't seen eating chicken caesar salads very often). But I am struggling with not just giving him cheese and bread products constantly (quesadilla, mac n cheese, ravioli). He gets his veggies via baby food but I need some meals. HELP! Oh, and I should say that he doesn't like a bunch of purees so I need some real baby food.
He needs all that food to fuel his long walks!
Brown Eyed Boy - Our pediatrician said eye color is typically finalized by 9 months. Since Noah turns 9 months tomorrow (eek!) I will go ahead and call his eyes brown. If you want to be reaaaalllllyyy particular they might be a tinge hazel but for all official documents, let's just call them brown! Of course, if you consult the internet there are about a million answers to when eye color is definite and some websites say it can change over the course of your life. But, Noah's eyes are brown...the end.
Working on some top teeth I believe...
 Oh, and I love them. End, again.

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