Monday, December 2, 2013

Orange Retchless: Week 15

Oh, man! I was doing so good staying on top of my blogging and here I am super late on my update. I have forgotten all of my fun anecdotes for the week and I am just going to knock this out with some quick answers:

How Far Along: 15 weeks-ish. Since baby is measuring ahead, I could technically be considered 16 weeks today.

Size of Baby
: Orange (5 inches)!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 3 pounds. It's funny, I looked back to my post at 15 weeks with Noah and I was all kinds of whiny and I feel the same this week with Baby 2. I just feel like I am gaining weight in my thighs/butt and I am really not thrilled. So, I am going to step up the walking/hiking around here to hopefully keep everything in shape until May!

Maternity Clothes: Not quite yet. Some days I swear I could use some elastic and other days my regular jeans are just fine.

Movement: Still little flutters here and there.
: Not much. Since my dad reads this, I will put this a nice bras are getting too small. This was not a symptom I had with Noah but with this baby it is a bit out of control...not to mention uncomfortable.
What I Miss: Not too much. Feeling pretty even keel these days. 
Girl or Boy
: Doing another check on the 16th. Hopefully little one cooperates this time.
Belly button In or OutInnie.

Stretch Marks
Nope. Never got any with Noah so I am hoping that is my good fortune for this pregnancy, too.
: I still have a sweet tooth but I am not really craving anything too unusual otherwise.

Best Moment This Week
: Picking a boy name! We have about 5 on the short list for girls that we both love but the boy name was giving us a headache. I think we finally settled on a winner though! 

Happened to be in a grey shirt today and didn't feel like switching to white. Back on track Friday!

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