Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sweet Potato Retchless: Week 17

Ummm, we are three weeks away from hitting the halfway mark. Where is the time going?!

I am super excited today because on Monday we get to find out if this sweet potato is a boy or girl (I have my very strong inclinations, cough cough boy cough cough) but it will be so exciting to get the final verdict. That said, here is the conversation at our house lately:

Steph: It would be really fun to have two boys. They will fight, sure, but they will also have such a great friendship (I hope anyway).

Scott: But, a little girl.... (he trails off with a look of wonderment in his eyes)

Steph: Well, you were responsible for this portion of baby making so I can't help you there!

Scott: I guess if it's a boy we'll just have to go for #3.

Steph: Leaves room.

Scott brought up today that I just don't seem as cheery so far this pregnancy. And that is partially true. Allow me to explain...

I am THRILLED to be having another baby. I am really looking forward to a snuggly newborn and a sibling for Noah. I was just looking back on pictures of an infant Noah and got all giddy and excited. (Please remember, parents get amnesia for what happens other than snuggles in the first few months of life...there are no sleepless nights or crying!)

What I am not excited about is the 9 months of being pregnant thing. The first time it was so new and shiny. I loved getting my weekly updates and reading about what our little one was doing inside. This time, I delete them 99% of the time or roll my eyes about what new and scary dangers are lurking in my home for my unborn child. What I finally concluded is that I will probably embrace this pregnancy around my third trimester, when I have a real bump (not just an ever expanding midsection, thighs, and butt) and the holidays filled with parties and occasions for me to miss my sparkling wine have passed. 

I can't imagine I am the only one who finds the second go around a little less magical?! I feel like a horrible person typing this as one day the growing little potato inside of me will read this. Hopefully Baby understands that I don't love them any less, just the process. Maybe I can liken it to assembling Ikea furniture. The first bookshelf is kind of fun...reading the directions, working with your partner to get it all put together, and finally using the piece you worked for seven million hours to build.  But then imagine being sent a couple more to put together...not nearly as fun! It just starts to look like a lot of wood, nuts, and bolts.

How was that analogy? Good, bad, completely ridiculous?

Regardless, that's where I am. Please take away from this that I am so very thankful and blessed for this little person...just being honest about my current emotions. 

Ok, positive notes: I am still feeling great! And, thankfully, my intense desire for sweets has chilled out. Also, we are gearing up for a final Bay Area holiday push and it just gets more fun as we get closer to Christmas. I think I'll do a separate post on Noah this holiday season. Suffice it to say, he is really making it all that much more special! 

I'll leave you with my 17 week picture and a promise to bring some cheer to this ole blog early next week! 
Hello sweet potato!

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