Monday, December 9, 2013

Grapefruit Retchless: Week 16 {and other random happenings}

I am only a touch late this week, and that is because of a computer malfunction (which magically fixed itself, hooray for Macs) so I am calling this post a win! 

I hopped on this scale this morning and it is looking like I am up about 6 pounds total so far. This is exactly the amount I had gained with Noah at this point so I am really happy about this. I actually went into this pregnancy about 5 pounds lighter than I did with Noah but expect to round out at about the same final weight. I have a weird theory about lighter people gaining more weight during is based on exactly zero medical facts so I will keep the details to myself! BUT, I believe I will gain closer to 25 or 30 pounds with Grapefruit versus 22 with Noah. 

In other news, I feel great! My energy is 100% back and I feel strong and motivated. I have been true to my posts and have upped the hiking/walking while continuing to go to Bar Method regularly. Noah has, thankfully, embraced sitting in the Bob while I huff and puff around the Dish for an hour! My eating has been so-so but I am sort of embracing that. I don't indulge much when I'm not pregnant (wine is my empty calories), so I am taking the caloric deficit the wine left to enjoy a few more special treats.
Pushing this guy up hills is no joke. Kristina, please come take over!!!
Well, that was boring...weight and food. What else? We have been busy now that the holiday season is officially upon us. Holiday parties, Christmas shopping, preparing for travel, and regular day-to-day life has kept us hopping. The good news is, I feel up for all of it (aside from a few too late nights which made for a cranky, sober, pregnant wife!) and I am looking forward to the crazy that awaits in St. Louis. 

A few lot of pictures from some recent fun. 

We took Noah on his first real train ride. He LOVED it and wasn't happy about the getting off to get lunch part.
He looked so big sitting by himself in his seat.
We visited Santa (before Thanksgiving...the shame!). No hysterics but he still isn't a fan of the big guy.
We played in Mom's boots. He gets super silly in the evening and we have so much fun watching his antics.
I turned 30 and was spoiled rotten!
Lunch at the Rosewood. Love these girls.
We took selfies in the mirror. Ps-my Invisalign is done, and my teeth make me happy!
We learned how to dip the animal crackers right in the peanut butter jar.
We hosted Thanksgiving and I got some very special snuggles in with baby Leonardo!
We took our annual day after Thanksgiving trip to Napa. That sweater looks like a tent...and I thought it was all "chunky and cute".
We immediately took down the turkeys and put up the Christmas! Noah was a huge help ;-). Also, toys are taking over my house...we are going to have to move to make room for all Noah's stuff!
Nana is tired of being told she can't eat the decorations.
Noah had his very first school pictures taken. My heart actually can't handle the cuteness.
These two continue to make my life brighter every day.
Yet another annual...we made our trip to San Francisco for some delicious lunch and shopping.
2011. Noah was all of about 4 weeks old.
We braved the craziness that is Union Square pre-Noah as well but failed to document it as we lived there and didn't really think much of a quick trip downtown ;-).

Well, I think that about gets us up to date. Hope your holidays are off to a great start!

**I'll add in a 16 week bump picture as soon as my photographer gets home from work! 

***a friendly reminder that I am much better at keeping up with Instagram so if you would like to find me there, I am Steffy7210.

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