Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's a....


Yes, I am officially outnumbered in this family (it was even with Noah, Scott, Me & Nana). That said, we could not be more excited! As you read last week, Scott had his dreams of a little girl...but now that we know that this little baby is a boy, we are truly both very excited. 

I am really most excited for Noah as I think that having a brother to do all things "boy" with will be pretty special. I am sure I will retract these words when there is jealousy or a full blown wrestling match going on in my living room, but to watch these two grow together and form a relationship as brothers will be really really amazing. 

Some answers to questions that you might not even ask:
  • Why not make the sex a surprise? When I was pregnant with Noah, Scott wanted to wait to find out...I pulled the, "I am carrying this baby for 9 months and have a major Type A/OCD personality so I win". That said, my compromise was to make #2 a surprise. When this pregnancy rolled around, Scott decided he couldn't wait to find out! PHEW!!!! 
  • Right now there is zero chance of Baby #3. I will never say never, but as of right now, this shop is closed after May.
  • Name. While we have pretty much settled on a first name (middle is still in debate) I think we will keep this to ourselves until this little one makes his appearance. There was something special about sharing Noah's name when we announced his arrival and I think we will do the same for this little guy.
  • Sleeping. As with most newborns, this little one will camp out in our room for a few months. When he is ready for his crib, he will move in with Noah. I am not sure that this is the forever solution, but for the toddler years, they will be housed together!  
I think that is all the big stuff for now. If you have any questions, fire away.  

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jec22vr said...

Yayyyy! I've been waiting all week to hear what it was - hooray for brothers!