Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jax pays a visit

This past weekend I had my first visitor to my new home of San Francisco!  Jax made the journey out for Bay to Breakers (we didn't end up doing it, more on that later) and we were able to catch up and also celebrate her engagement!  CONGRATULATIONS!  

After diving right into the "bridal folder" and evaluating potential wedding dresses, colors, bridesmaids dresses and all the other fun details that go into planning a wedding, Jax and I headed out for dinner in the Marina.  While Boulder has great sushi for being landlocked, Jax was anxious for some coastal fare so we went to Ace Wasabi and stuffed ourselves full of fish, beer, and sake! For any of those looking for a good recommendation, Ace Wasabi is fabulous. Great food, and great atmosphere.  I even hear they have Bingo during happy hour! 
Why go home when you can go to the Final Final?!  We decided to head up the road to meet Scott and Kyle (they were at the Giants game that night) for a nightcap and enjoy the old neighborhood (well, for Scott and Kyle anyway).  

Saturday, what else, Napa!  Obviously it is a place that Scott and I enjoy and we wanted to share that with Jax.  Plus, we get free champagne so we needed to take advantage and keep the celebration going.  
BUBBLES!  The best way to start a day in Napa.
The caves at Nickel & Nickel
Yes, Scott was there too!
Jax and me checking out her ring.  (ps-It ended up being 104 in Napa Saturday...a little toasty!)

As you can imagine, by the time we finished up in Napa we were all beat from two days of being on the go.  SO, the pizza man was called and we enjoyed a gorgeous night in the city chatting on the front stairs and stuffing our faces!  This is also when the decision was made to skip Bay to Breakers.  Dealing with 60,000 people and starting up the ol' liver again just didn't seem appealing.  Plus, sleeping in was a very nice plus of skipping the race.

As a result, we had a nice little Sunday touring Noe and spending some time browsing the shops on 24th and again, enjoying the unseasonal gorgeous weather.  

In conclusion...another great weekend in the great city of San Francisco! 

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Jacqueline Mariash said...

Best visit ever! Miss you already!