Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So, as I mentioned, I now have a job five days a week.  While sitting in a cube/office every day is pretty exciting, I think this "work" is much more fulfilling!  

A typical week involves a few trips to the Y for jungle gym (lots of toys and a bouncy castle), swimming, parks, grocery store, breakfast with Enzo, a few miscellaneous errands, and most recently, THE ZOO!  

Scott's favorite

Clearly I ended up being the most excited for the zoo this week.  Although I will say Kayla gave me a run for my money sprinting (as fast as a 16 month old can) around the gorilla area doing her best impression.  It might be the cutest thing ever, but somehow Chrissie and I both failed to capture it on camera (not for lack of trying).  Next time we will get it (Chrissie is now a zoo member so we get to go frequently!).  Who knew the zoo could be so exciting?  I didn't but I sure do recommend a visit to your local zoo.  
All that animal watching tuckered little Kayla out.  

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