Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long weekend recap

In true "stephanie on the move" fashion I will be recapping yet another jam packed, fun filled weekend!  

Friday we rested up for the busy weekend ahead and just cooked dinner and had date night at home.

Saturday...we finally made the trip and picked up a new (and first) grill.  After reading about a zillion reviews and joining consumer reports (woo hoo!) Scott picked out the best grill for us. However, by the time we drove out of the city to get it, fight Home Depot crowds and collect all of the "must have" accessories we were too beat to put it together so it stayed in the garage.  

Plus, we had GREAT plans on Saturday night.  In our quest to visit new areas of the city and try new restaurants we journeyed to North Beach.  Scott treated to me to a FABULOUS dinner at The House.  But, we need to back up.  We started the night at a bar that has been open since Prohibition called Tony Niks.  It was fun to try somewhere new before heading out for dinner.

Look...I actually drink something other than champagne!
The House...

Ok, back to The House.   If you have the opportunity, pay a visit, but make sure to make a reservation as it is TINY.  The tininess adds to the experience though.  The food was absolutely phenomenal.  You must get the salmon egg rolls as an appetizer (and the eel appetizer if you like eel).  The portions were very generous for the cost and everything was beyond my expectations.  Only gripe...it was clear that they were trying to turn tables as I felt a little rushed to order, eat, and get out.  All in all, a wonderful night...thanks to Scott for planning it for us :).
Had to make sure we got Scott (on the way home in the cab)

Sunday Funday.  In preparation for our half marathon Scott and I set out for our 4.5 mile run in Golden Gate Park.  We managed to wander our way around the park and eventually warm up (it is officially summer in San Francisco-cold and foggy) and see some great areas of the park. Afterwards, we were HUNGRY so we headed out for a little sushi at a restaurant Scott noticed on the way in (and also had heard was some of the best sushi in the city).  Well, let's just say our food luck continued.  Ebisu was absolutely heavenly.  The fish was to die for and melted in our mouths.  It was a great post run pick-me-up.
Post run...getting ready for my sushi
Scott too (the decor here was really great too)

After lunch...Andronico's...best.grocery.store.ever. (yes, mom, better than Dierbergs by a landslide-beats Whole Foods too)!  Enough said.  

Sunday we finally rallied and put together the grill.  One of my favorite things to do is assemble.  Furniture, grills, kid toys, anything that comes in pieces!  

Monday we took Miss Lola along for our run at Crissy Field and then had the Strand fam over to break in the grill.
Scott tuning it up for the maiden grill.
Here she is.  Note the beverage tray the pops out of the front-very handy!
Lola on the move! (she got a hair cut this weekend-isn't she pretty?!)
Enjoying the sun that finally came out
Miss Sue managing her recordings on TV (what are you watching, Kayla?)
BARNEY of course!
Little Tanner is growing SO fast!
Kayla and Scott playing in the bed (if you're happy and you know it pat the bed!)
Lola was beat after the long weekend...time for bed mom and dad!

More fun next weekend...stay tuned!

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