Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The big 4

Well, it's official...I have been a mom for 4 years.  Ok, a little shy of that but who is really counting?  

Today Lola turns 4.  Regardless of her crazy separation anxiety and complete fear of anything that beeps I plan to keep her around for another year ;).  She truly is the greatest little friend anyone could ever ask for and we are definitely lucky to have her snuggles and love every day.  

On the run from the start!
A day at the art fest was just a little exhausting for the little munchkin.
"hi, I'm Lola and I am VERY cute!" (just look how tiny that nose was-for the record, she was all of 2.5 lbs when I got her!)
It got a little ridiculous trying to go anywhere with her when she was a puppy!  Guys, if you need to meet girls, pick up a little pomeranian puppy!
"Oh, hi again.  I am still VERY cute and intend to stay this way so you will continue to spoil me rotten"

I could post a zillion more pictures of the little monster but I will stop.  After all, we have birthday festivities to get to...a trip to the dog store down the street, a run with mom and dad and some quality snuggle time.  Dad even promised a game of hand fight when he gets home from work.  What a lucky little birthday girl.



Crick said...

Lola is truly the cutest little dog alive! The Strand Family feels very fortunate to have Lola in our lives. We feel blessed that she loves us back too - we can tell because she likes to snuggle on our sofa a lot. Thanks Lola for making us smile!

Happy 4th Birthday!

Claire said...

Happy Birthday Miss Lola!! You and Rocco are one day apart :)

Jacqueline Mariash said...

Happy B-day little Lola! You are the greatest!