Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Where have we been?!

As usual...doing a bit of everything!  

Let's start with last week's activities.  I started my "full/part time" job with the Strand fam.  I now GET to watch Miss Kayla and Mr. Tanner EVERY DAY!!!  I can't really think of anything more fabulous than spending each day with those cute little faces (and of course Chrissie!).  

Thursday I had a "work dinner".  I'm telling you, this is one demanding job!  Ok, enough of that funniness...Scott and I headed over Thursday evening for a night of blind wine tasting and some catching up.  We did a tasting like I have never done before...3 wines, all from the same vineyard, same grape, but different years.  Scott picked a 1990, 1999, and 2000 Bordeaux for the tasting.  It was really neat to see what a difference years can make.  AND guess what?  I actually got all the years in order!  I was told not to brag, but I am terrible at blind tastings so I was pretty impressed with myself! 

Friday, the fun continued with a trip down the peninsula for some Burmese food (Indian/Thai-like) with Robert and Karina.  Robert provided a great deal of color for the evening and it was great to catch up with Karina!  
Robert after a day at Sam's and the Final.

Saturday (do we EVER rest?!)...birthday party.  Complete with a jumpy castle, train cake, and BBQ.  I guess I should mention this party was for a three year old.  It was a great day to catch up with more friends (and get a sunburn).  
Tommy volunteered Scott to brave the jumpy castle with the kiddos.
This pretty much sums up how it went!!

Sunday we decided our little girl needed some good exercise so we took her along for our trip to Baker Beach.  We ended up taking a little hike to the bridge and back.  It was a nice workout and gorgeous way to spend Mother's Day.

Not an ugly place!
Me and my little girl!
Family photo

Our lovely day continued with an impromptu, surprise dinner.  Scott whipped up some reservations and we headed out to Town Hall.  We realized we live in a city where there are zillions of incredible restaurants and we continue to visit our same sushi place every week.  We won't be abandoning that any time soon, but we have made a decision to try and get to a different area of the city at least once a week to try some new places out!  
Champagne...surprise, surprise!

Our dinner was SO good and we definitely ate until we couldn't eat any more!  If you ever pay a visit, the veal meatball appetizer is incredible...thanks to Kristina and Nick for that recommendation!  

It was a full week with lots of fun and, of course, amazing company!  


Paige B said...

you guys are too freaking cute!

Kristina said...

I'm glad you guys liked it as much as we do!! We try and go there at least once a month now..aghhhh I can taste them as I write this!