Friday, November 22, 2013

Apple Retchless: Week 14

No, we are not going all Gwyneth and naming our baby after a fruit. Baby R just happens to be the size of an apple this week!

I swear I have had a lot more doctor visits with this little bean than with Noah up until this point. And the really odd part is that everything is going perfect so it is just kind of lucky! So far, at each appointment we have been able to see Baby R which, of course, always makes me happy.

This week I had a normal OB visit and was expecting to just get a little Doppler action to listen to the heartbeat. However, we got to talking about the gender and Dr. R said, "Let's try and see!" and zipped down the hall to grab the ultrasound machine. Made. My. Day. Unfortunately, Baby wasn't cooperating and tucked the umbilical cord between its legs so we weren't able to find anything out. 

But, I got to see the little bean and confirm that at my next appointment before we leave for St. Louis for the holidays we get to try again. Absolute worst case, we'll find out New Years Eve. Fingers crossed Baby cooperates before that.

In other news, I am up a total of 3 pounds which is some kind of miracle because last night I made cookies with 14 tablespoons of butter in them. In reality, that sounds horrific but most cookie recipes call for two sticks which is actually more. But, seriously, 14 tablespoons!?!?! They tasted heavenly and hit this preggo's sweet craving right on the head.

What else did I learn today? Oh, I can have two of my very favorite things...sushi and wine. Don't freak out...the guidelines are:
     Sushi - my doctor has done a lot of research on this subject and said the raw fish component is not the issue as almost all fish that comes into the United States has been sanitized and doesn't carry a risk of listeria. That said, he gave me some guidelines for picking a reputable restaurant and I took those down and made a date for lunch with my raw fishy friends tomorrow (update: I stuck to salmon and it was every bit as wonderful as I had hoped)! There is still the mercury concern so I have to be cognizant of what kinds of fish I choose and what quantity I eat, but I'll take those restrictions happily!! 
 Wine - I got clearance for a very occasional glass of wine. This came as my 30th birthday is fast approaching on Sunday and all I really want for the big day is a big glass 'o red! Permission granted with the guideline, "make sure it's a really good bottle!". Thanks, Dr. R, I will!

Otherwise, I got a ton of reassurance that everything is going great and to keep up the good work.
Our hot water heater is on the outs so please excuse my awesome hair! I borrowed some hot water from Kristina this afternoon and feel much more like a respectable member of society!

As far as how I am feeling...pretty good. I am actually starting to be interested in healthy foods again and so far this weeks mission to eat healthier is going great (aside from my butter laden indulgence). I have swapped fruity pebbles out for bananas, apples, and yogurt as snacks. I have not, and have no intention of giving up my beloved animal crackers though. That is my pregnancy, and breast feeding, treat and I will not let those little carby crackers go!

Ok, that's enough blabbering. See ya next week.

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