Monday, March 24, 2014

Baby Cooper Wish List

We have more than enough stuff for Baby Cooper! Seriously, my organization skills are being pushed to their limits having two boys share a not-so-big room (more on this in my weekly pregnancy update this week). That said, there are a few things we need to refresh, equal out (I can't have one boy with a name sign and not the other!), and a few things I just plain want. So, here is a portion of the current list for what we still need/want for Coop.

Vintage Pearl Charm
I have a necklace with a "Noah" charm and definitely want to get my Cooper charm on its way. 
My Noah charm is the square. Should Coop's be square, too? Or switch it up?

Coming Home Outfit
Decisions, decisions. I have a million outfits picked out and saved across the internet but haven't pulled the trigger on "the one" just yet.  And, the hilarious part is that this is the one and only picture I have of Noah in his. This means two things...don't waste a lot of money & take more pictures this time! With Noah, we were just ready to get out of the hospital and weren't about to hang out for a photoshoot.
He rode with his hands like that forever!
Orbit Kickboard
I guess this is more for Noah than Cooper but we'll be needing a way to transport both of our little guys around town. I think Noah will find this very cool!! 
We could probably go to space after our trip to the mall!
Double Bob
Fact: We have 3 strollers. Fact #2: We use(d) all of them. While three stroller may seem excessive, they each served a specific purpose and have proved worth their investment (Orbit as infants, Maclaren as umbrella, and Bob as jogger). Currently our Bob gets the most time on the road. I use it for hiking the Dish as well as Nana walks almost every evening. It is a beast and a pain to lug around in the car, but I think it is far and away the most comfortable for Noah, has the most storage, and the best ride. I would really like to add a 4th stroller to our cast at some point and have decided the Bob makes the most sense for our active little family.
I hear baby wearing becomes pretty darn necessary when you have a toddler and an infant. While we already have an Ergo & Bjorn I have heard that they can get hot in the summer months so I would like to try my hand at a sling. I had a Moby Wrap that I was not a fan of so I am thinking the sling might be a better option! 
Snuza Diaper Monitor
I have an extremely high fear of SIDS. Not sure why this one has buried itself into my psyche but it scares the living daylights out of me. With Noah, we used the AngelCare monitor and I felt totally at peace. This time around I found an even more exciting little device! It clips on to their diapers and does the same thing as our monitor. I would LOVE this for the few months when he is in our room and as a double check for when he makes the move to the crib (we will use the AngelCare again). 
Ergo Infant Insert
Again, baby wearing. Noah loved the Ergo but I never invested in the infant insert (I faked it with some blankets). Just preparing for the need to have my hands free for Noah.
Miracle Blanket
I have no first hand experience with this but it is called a miracle blanket and I have heard it lives up to its name. Sold. 
A terrible thing happened. PBKids discontinued the bedding I used for Noah (well, the color anyway). What's a girl to do (Scott said he couldn't even comment on my "crisis" and left the room)?! My current solution is to ditch the bedskirt on Noah's bed, keep his bumper, and get matching sheets. That way the existing pieces on two different beds (skirt on Cooper's, bumper on Noah's) pull together and there is a matching middle piece. Not ideal, but I am not very interested in buying two new bedding sets (especially when Noah will be converting to a toddler bed in the next year).
Blue Chevron. Already have one for Noah's bed so I will get a second to match. Chevron is not my favorite though.
Gingham. Now this is a pattern I can get behind! Navy, again.
Navy dots. You see a theme?
Switching it up for some green alligators. Noah loves his sheet with elephants so maybe another critter would be fun?

Pottery Barn Glider
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaant. We currently have my Great Grandma's rocking chair which is a prized possession of mine. However, the minute we visit PBKids and I flop down in one of their gliders it is pretty much heaven on earth. Our rocking chair is wood & bamboo and vertical. Plus, it creaks, as any old piece of furniture does. I have daydreams of curling up in this glider and snuggling the boys. Alas, it is seriously pushing the space constraints of the room and has a hefty price tag so we will stay the course with the rocker. I just can't wait until the boys realize that the high back makes for the best tent maker ever!

Birthstone Rings
We're in the land of daydreaming, right? I might as well share my biggest wish list item. At some point in my life I would like a band with each of my boys birthstones. I would likely wear Scott's as a second wedding band and the boys would probably reside together on my right hand. That said, I could get crazy and wear them all stacked or skip the engagement ring for a day and put them all on my left hand. One day! 

And, there you have it. Those things combined with the exciting items like a mattress, diapers, and pacifiers and we'll be ready to hit the ground running in eight short weeks!

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Jen said...

That diaper monitor looks amazing! I have the same paranoia... But fyi that the AngelCare monitor was recalled, so go to their website and get the little contraption that fixes the cord!