Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jicama Retchless: Week 32

No fields this week! Too much other fun stuff to talk about to waste time with innie versus outie belly buttons (it's out...for the record).

This week I had a fantastic visit at my doctor AND we made some serious progress on prepping the house for Cooper's homecoming.

Let's start with the doctor:

Last week I mentioned I was curious as to what position he was in. Turns out, he is all.over.the.place. He apparently has lots of room to swim around right now so his flip flopping is totally normal. At one point during my ultrasound he had his head on my left hand side but wiggled around so he was head down a couple minutes later. They won't check to make sure he is officially head down until 36 weeks. 

During my ultrasound we could also see his little rib cage expanding and contracting and the doctor said that was him practicing his breathing! He was also working on his sucking (another paci loving boy?!). And, let me tell you, those little lips get me every time. Can't wait to give them kisses!

Overall, Coop looks great! No concerns and he is growing right along and doing all the things a baby in a belly should be.

Same news for me. They kept telling me that I am "doing great" and that I am "almost there". Those are the moments that you want to ask your male doctor if he has ever carried a baby for 9 months and how his hips feel! I'm kidding...my doctor is amazing and we did discuss my hip pain. Ultimately, it's normal. My hormones are loosening up my hip joints/muscles to prepare my body for Cooper's exit. Since this is my second pregnancy and I am already carrying lower than I did with Noah, I am just experiencing more discomfort. Things to try...support band, physical therapy. Both of these sound like last resorts! I spoke with another OB friend who recommended a less severe side lying position. I don't suffer from any lightheadedness while laying in any position and so a slight prop behind my back will be more than sufficient as opposed to placing all my weight on my hips at night. So far, it has given me enough relief. It's not completely gone, but I don't wake up and feel like I might fall over from pain.

It was a bit crazy to finish my appointment by scheduling the remainder of my appointments for this pregnancy. Including one on May 29th. I will lose my mind on someone if Cooper is still occupying my uterus on that date!

It's funny, with Noah, the moment I was pregnant I was invested/attached/in love. This time I had a harder time becoming invested in the pregnancy. Of course we were thrilled, I just didn't really have this over the moon feeling, and had my guard up, until we knew he was healthy and got out of the first trimester. That and once we knew he was a boy we had a name for him. With all of his kicking lately this bond has been growing but at my appointment my heart pretty much exploded. I think with Noah I was excited about the idea of having a baby. I had no idea what to expect or how he would take more love than I ever knew that I had to give. With Cooper, I am now officially in love with him. I know what's coming, I am anxious for the baby snuggles and smells. It took me awhile to be in love with Noah the baby, versus Noah the pregnancy. With Coop, I don't think I loved the pregnancy until now and I officially love him!

I am just over the moon about meeting our little man and officially adding him to our family. I don't know how I will have the capacity to love him as much as I do my Noah but I hear your heart grows just a little bit more (I can already feel it stretching)! 

Ok, I lied...we are going to save the Cooper prep recap for another post. This is long and I need to take some pictures of the room to share. Stay tuned...
32 weeks. He sure is pointy! 
32 weeks with Noah. Coop is definitely lower and more pointy. I swear I will have Scott take a picture again one of these days!

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