Monday, May 16, 2011


I am officially mad at blogger. It went down last week and wiped this post out. I will add the picture back in ASAP.

How Far Along: 14 weeks 1 day (Monday is just not a good day for a new baby week posting!)

Size of Baby
: Size of a lemon or fist. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss
: I will only be weighed at the doctor so this will be updated monthly. I have never really been one for scales. If my clothes fit, and I feel good, then nothing to worry about. If the aforementioned start to change, then I make a change. I figure my clothes are going to stop fitting with the baby anyway so I don't need to weigh myself weekly. 

Maternity Clothes:  Nope. I am starting to feel really uncomfortable in "real" clothes though (could have something to do with how little I actually wear them). They all still fit, but I just like my Lululemon outfits and PJs the best. This isn't really a pregnancy development...I've always hated jeans.

: Nope.
: Tired (please read "what I miss") and still a little crazy. I feel like the crazy is calming down but I definitely have a short fuse for pretty much everything.

My face is crazy. Ever since day 1 my face has been breaking out. It seems better this week. Hopefully the trend continues. 

What I Miss: Wine. Still. I got the need for sushi out of my system at The House on Mother's Day. I didn't eat real sushi but the Fried Salmon Roll and Unagi appetizer hit the spot! 

I also miss sleeping however I want. I have been trying to adjust to sleeping on my left side and it is like torture. I am going to consult with my doctor just how critical this is because the trade off is lack of sleep! 
Girl or Boy
: We'll find out on June 17th.

Belly button In or Out: Innie

Stretch Marks
: Nope. 
: Same story on cravings as last week but the aversions are getting stronger. I was ok with sliced meat as of last week but have quickly learned that pretty much all red meat is out of the question. It looks funny, tastes funny, and just makes me generally grossed out. 

Best Moment This Week
: My first Mother's Day! Looking forward to celebrating with the little punkin next year :-).

Purple shirt was dirty. It will be back next week :-).

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LC said...

You look so cute! Check with your doctor but I was told by mine that I could sleep whichever way was comfortable. I actually slept on my stomach until it was impossible. She said that we didn't really even need to talk about it again until I got pretty big (around 26 weeks). I still wakeup on my back sometimes and it's not that big of a deal. BUT, I'm not a doctor so check!