Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Week 15

Warning: This post seems to have come off a bit on the complaining side of things. It is just that kind of day today but really I couldn't ask for a better pregnancy thus far!!

How Far Along: 15 weeks (+1 day).

Size of Baby
: Size of an apple, about 4". 

Total Weight Gain/Loss
: I will be weighed in again next Tuesday.

I do feel like I am gaining a little weight in my upper thighs/hips. Scott says I am crazy but it feels like it. Pretty much I just feel like a blob this week. Again, this isn't a pregnancy thing really...I am a mental case. BUT, it might be time to lay off the ice cream as I don't think I am growing a baby in my legs. 

Maternity Clothes:  Nope. Still buying more dresses in preparation. Something tells me I might write off all denim in the coming weeks. I look forward to the extra closet space!

: My face is officially out of control. I look like a teenager going through puberty. There isn't really anything to be done about it so it looks like Stila Cosmetics is going to do well during my pregnancy!

My nose is also a mess. I learned today that a stuffy nose or nose bleeds are actually a pregnancy symptom due to estrogen levels and extra blood. I am on the nose bleed side of things. No actual nose bleeds but it feels like it could happen any moment of any day! So dry and agitated it actually wakes me up at night.

What I Miss: Nothing really new I am missing this week. Looking forward to finding about about sleeping at the doctor next week!
Girl or Boy
: We'll find out on June 17th.

Belly button In or OutInnie

Stretch Marks
: No cravings, just aversions. As I mentioned above, I think am going to have to stop indulging my sweet tooth. That and throw in a few extra Bar Method classes.

Best Moment This Week
: Finding the house we are hopefully going to be bringing our little one home to! Not ready to share details on that yet as it is far to pre mature but exciting nonetheless!

Baby Retchless is growing! 

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