Thursday, May 26, 2011

What a weekend it was...

I am going to make you wait for the good stuff. First you have to look at the millionth across the table pictures of Scott and I. One day I am going to make a collage of all of these.
Scott, and...

Friday night we took a recommendation from Jess and went to Orson for dinner. The food was delicious and I could have easily picked a handful of other things off the menu I wanted to try. I guess we'll have to go back! PLUS, dessert is prepared by Citizen Cake. Remember how baby likes dessert? Well, baby LOVED the Breakfast of Champions (cinnamon toast ice cream, oatmeal ice milk, bourbon carmel fried french toast). It was divine.

Ok, enough of my sugary reminiscing. On to the good stuff. A couple weekends ago Scott and I were out impromptu house hunting and fell upon our dream house. It wasn't even in the cities we were originally narrowed in on. It was a lucky find and we fell and fell hard in love with this house.

Fast forward through a very long week of deciding when, how, and how much to offer to the sellers. A couple back and forths later we went into contract officially on Saturday morning. It was a roller coaster experience of extreme excitement and then a few reality checks when we thought we might have to walk away. This week was another nail biter waiting for the appraisal to come in. It came today and it was exactly what we had hoped for and now we are officially able to share our unbridled excitement about our house. Of course, it isn't over until it's over and we will close escrow mid June. Until then, I will continue decorating our new home in my head at all hours of the day and night. Maybe in June I'll sleep again...

Our little house!
Living room and dining area. Through the far door on the right is the kitchen and the next door in goes to...
The Family Room

Backyard and my mom's favorite part, the "in-law unit".
I see this fire pit getting A LOT of use!
Some house facts (in the words of Crick's sister Libby. Hopefully she doesn't mind me sharing her amazing words with you was truly a wonderful email Scott and I received from her):

So, yesterday, I was at Crate and Barrel at Stanford and decided to drive over and look for your potiential house....(not knowing how fast things were progressing with you guys),low and behold, I found it.....after cruising down the Menlo Oaks MAJOR OAK-lined street before Bay. Omg! GORGEOUS! Anyways, the house is awesome and I actually pulled over and asked two darling gals (Mom's) about the street.  They were SO SO SO nice!

They told me these things:
1. Perfect street for young families!!!!!!!
2. Most kids under 3 years old.  ; 0 )
3. Laurel Wood is a wonderful school (so is Encinal for
Spanish immersion), which I already knew!
4. The family that is selling your house are really,
really nice and will be missed.
5. Last night, they had a Spring Fling at Laurel Wood
and they told me to tell you to come.
6. I told them that you were interested in it (I had
no idea how much! ha ha) and they said to
tell you that you will LOVE the hood and the families!
7. There were a lot of Mom-mobiles around there,
and it seems like many Mom's may
be stay-at-home.

We also got to see Libby on Saturday as she came to meet Crick, Kyle, the kids, Scott, Me and the Poms at the house. One of her new neighbor friends came over to visit and we got even more fabulous information about the street. I will stop rambling now but it pretty much just kept getting better and better. 
A San Jose Sharks cupcake some neighborhood kids were selling at a lemonade stand. LOVE!

Can you tell we are excited?

Saturday we continued the fun with the Strand Fam for dinner and officially collapsed in exhaustion into bed that night.  

Why stop there? Sunday we headed down to San Carlos and had brunch with Nick and Kristina at Town. It was nice to catch up with them and visit for awhile.

And, that's all for our weekend. We'll be sure to keep you posted. I have a million little projects and design ideas brewing in my head!

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