Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Week 16

This week you get the weekly pregnancy update first as the weekend was so fun and wonderful I need more time to put it together. So without further ado...

How Far Along: 16 weeks (+1 day).

Size of Baby
: Size of an avocado. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss
: 6 pounds. Right on track according to the doctor. Feels more like 15, just for the record. 

Maternity Clothes:  Still my clothes. Definitely ready to do a little in-between phase shopping. Some of my old clothes will be great when I have a real belly but this pudge needs to be tented in the meantime ;-).

Nope but the doctor said to expect it in the next month! I can't wait!
: Still dealing with my face being a wild and crazy monster. Other than that, nothing new to report other than the normal growing pains. 

What I Miss: Regular people medicine: Advil and benzoyl peroxide are the ones I miss most. Sorry, but Tylenol just doesn't do a darn thing.

I actually wrote this before going to the doctor today. She gave me the go ahead to use benzoyl peroxide which made me want to do back flips with excitement. Watch out zits...you will be zapped!

Also, as a follow up to a note I made a couple of weeks ago I got the ok to sleep pretty much however I want. Hallelujah! Come week 20 I can't sleep completely flat on my back but she said a small pillow prop would be all I need to be safe and sound. 
Girl or Boy
: We'll find out on June 17th.

Belly button In or OutInnie

Stretch Marks
: Same as all previous weeks. Only aversions. I have officially banned ice cream from the house on weekdays. It is now a weekend treat only. I have also decided that I needed healthier snacks (Cheez-Its and Goldfish are great for sodium but that's about it...and who needs extra sodium?!). Sitting on my desk is a nice snack of apple and peanut butter. Hopefully I can keep this healthy snacking trend up. It's easy at home, but tough on the go when this baby decides it needs food, NOW!

Best Moment This Week
: Going into contract on our house (more on that in the weekend update), and hearing the little one's heart at the doctor today.

16 weeks. Next week we will try to avoid the finger in the flash and shadow on the wall. Or I could learn how to use photoshop...

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