Monday, May 16, 2011


What an unexpected weekend. The major news is that it culminated with Scott and I finding our dream house. Not really much news other than we found it. House buying is quite the process so we are in a waiting game right now. I'll share more about the house when we know more. 

It was funny how we ended up at this house though. Sunday morning I woke up and Scott said, "I am going to go look at houses today" (our appointment with our realtor wasn't until the following Sunday). I decided to tag along on what Scott assured me was going to be "an hour, max" of looking. 7.5 hours later we made our way back home excited, nervous, and full of hope!

In other weekend fun we took to Crissy Field for the first time in ages! We spent so much time there when we were training for our 1/2 marathon but with all of Arnold's hip issues we haven't been able to get the poms down there. Luckily, Arnold is a new bionic Pomeranian and we all had a blast. 
Lola and me and the typical SF spring weather.
Arnold might look a little pooped but immediately following this picture he ran for the big dogs in the background and then sprinted into the Bay. He LOVES water but the Bay makes me nervous so we wrangled him back in. We'll have to find him a pond to swim in.
One happy little pomeranian.
Saturday evening we headed down to Redwood City for dinner with the Hyland Family. I failed to take pictures but we have a great evening of catching up and it was wonderful to see the kids again!

When we turned onto our street after driving home we noticed that it was oddly dark. We did a quick assessment of all the houses and realized the power was out on both sides of the street. I came to learn that this was Scott's first real power outage that he can remember. I got a fair amount of entertainment out of this fact as he sorted out what would work and what wouldn't. 

We managed to scrounge up all the candles in the house and found a great activity for the dark evening. Baby name selection. So, we pulled out some wine (for Scott), Ben & Jerry's (it was going to melt with the power out, it had to be eaten), the baby name book, pen & paper, a picture of the pumpkin, and set to work. My computer also had enough power to grace us with some music for ambiance.
Power outage fun.
We really enjoyed the hour without power and have decided it might be a good thing to just pretend the power is out once in awhile. AND, I am pretty sure we have officially selected a boy name (the girl name was already locked up).

I guess now is as good a time as any to share my philosophy on name sharing. I could do a whole post on people's reactions and statements about pregnancy and pregnant people (my prerogative, obviously) but it will likely come off as annoyed so I'll just keep my trap shut for now. BUT, it is really is amazing what comes out of people's mouths.

I digress...names. I (we?) have decided that I don't want to share the baby's name with the world because frankly I don't care what other people think. For the record, my opinion again, the correct response to someone sharing their baby name is, "Awww, that is so cute". Or something of that nature. "Oh, I knew a Timmy once, he was really strange" is not considered an acceptable answer. I think it comes from people not knowing how to react in the situation so they fill the void with whatever pops in their head and are truly just trying to relate. The thing is, this is the name I have selected for my baby to have for a lifetime and I don't care to know how many baby Timmys you know or who names who what or what an odd name that is. 

I don't really know that it will get much better once the baby is born but my hope is that by seeing the baby live and in person and hearing the name people will accept that name and just ooooooo and ahhhh over tiny fingers and tiny toes and not the person they knew once upon a time. I know this won't always be the case. People have their opinions but I just don't need to hear them until they can fall upon deaf ears.

I do intend to make a fun little game out of guessing the name (think NCAA bracket) so you'll get some clues along the way, but not a full reveal until I have a picture of the baby to go along with it.

Phew, so there you are. My personal issue with sharing baby named and why it will be a closely guarded secret.

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Stevie said...

I totally agree with you! When Matt and I were narrowing down names, people would just spout out the strangest responses and I HATED it! You're not alone there :) We ended up sharing our FINAL names since we're not finding out the gender, and once that happened, everyone loved our choices (or at least the acted like it!) Can't wait to hear what you end up using!