Wednesday, September 14, 2011

celebrate good times.

This past weekend we celebrated a little bit of everything but mainly Scott's birthday. Since we were in Italy last year it seemed fitting to have friends over this year to share in the festivities. Let's be honest, it was a nice excuse to get everyone together to visit!

Some pictures from the evening...
I opted not to cook this time and just serve apps. Cheese selection above.
Dessert tray with a few other yummies in the background.

The table before all the food covered it up.
Drink stations.
As mentioned, I opted not to cook a meal for 20 people this time around and relied on some apps from Trader Joes. I may never cook again.
The one picture I took during the actual party.
After wrapping up the party with friends and family we hit the hay to rest up for our last pre-baby getaway. We toiled on where to go and ended up deciding to make it a "stay-cation" and save our pennies for travel at a later date. So, we packed up the car and headed north to Napa! It was the perfect vacay. We celebrated our anniversary (again), Scott's birthday, and the pending arrival of Baby R. It truly felt like we were worlds away from home and we were able to seriously relax and enjoy some quality time together. 
Guess where our first stop was?! Oh, and yes, I am slowly converting Scott to be a true CU fan.
The Silverado Resort (where we stayed) surprised us with this in room treat...

as well as a little Mommy & Baby R approved treat
Night 1 we set out for one of our favorites, the Rutherford Grill. Yes, it is part of the Hillstone chain of restaurants but with no corkage and tremendous food we just can't pass it by! We stuffed ourselves silly and loved every moment. 
My handsome husband enjoying the "Summer of Scott" :-)
mmmmm..sparkling water.
The next day we set out for some wine tasting, lunch at Oakville Grocery, fun in the sun, and then topped it off with another delicious dinner.
Wine tasting at Frog's Leap.
A little post swim refreshment while watching the golfers finish 18. The only pool picture is located in my 32 week baby isn't exactly "pretty".
I could get used to this life!
Dinner at Cook Restaurant in St. Helena.
As you can see, we had a tremendous time up in wine country. We both agreed it truly is one of our favorite places and we are so fortunate to have it essentially out our back door. While we are SO excited for the arrival of Baby R, it was fun to spend some one-on-one time together. I sure do love that husband of mine!
And two bonus photos for the week...
Us after a Giants game a few weeks back. Looks warm, huh?
Yes, that is the base of a toilet and our little black Pomeranian peeking around the corner. In case you wondering, whenever fireworks go off, or there is a hint of thunder, behind the toilet is the "safe" spot. Poor little amount of cuddling or soothing will bring her out of there until she is sure the threat has been eliminated!

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