Wednesday, September 21, 2011


As I am sitting here making list after list and adding 5 items for each one I cross off, I thought I would share a quick post about "nesting". 

With Baby R arriving in 7 weeks or so (I used to think I wanted an early baby, now I am ok with him coming right on his due date so I have plenty of time for the list below) I realized I needed to get some things done NOW or they will not happen for a loooooooong time. 

The current list looks something like this:
  • Buy dimming light bulbs for Baby's room (completed since first writing this post!)
  • Bank:
    • close checking account
    • fix pin #
  • Have termites treated (our house won't be tented or anything crazy, just some things found on our inspection that should be taken care of)
  • Clean gutters
  • Nail grate back down on side of house
  • Buy new trash can (completed since first writing this post!)
  • Finish AP's pet insurance claim
  • Switch pomeranian pet insurance (VPI is a rip off)
  • Hair appt
  • Dentist appt
  • Dermatologist appt
  • Freeze Bar Method for when Baby R arrives
  • Reclaim old 401k
  • Buy nursing tanks
  • Buy nursing bras
  • Fix gutters so they drain further from the house
  • Have spare house keys made
  • Sharpen knives
  • Buy new welcome mat (completed since first writing this post!)
  • Paint end table for Baby R's room
  • Finish packing hospital bag
  • Buy remaining baby registry items
    • Make sure everything is ready to go for his arrival AT LEAST two weeks in advance just in case
  •  Install car seat
    • Have it "approved" by local fire dept?
  • Have car tires rotated
  • Hang wedding present (bedroom?, living room?)
  • Finish 3 year book (completed since first writing this post! AND I started year 4 just to be an over acheiver.)
  • Make wedding album
  • Make honeymoon album
  • Pay Oct. bills
  • Pay Nov. bills
  • Have car brakes checked (they are squeaky)
  • Microchip pomeranians
The items crossed off have either been accomplished or appointments have been made. There are also items that need to get done that I know will not happen before the baby comes so I decided to just leave them off for everyone's sanity (such as, figure out why 1 outlet in the kitchen doesn't work?!). Of course all of these items need to be completed while the house continues to get clean, laundry done, groceries shopped for, Bar Method classes booked, bills paid, visitors hosted, sporting events are attended, pre-baby classes are taken,, pre natal visits attended weekly, blog updated, parties are attended, meals are prepared...ok, you get the idea. 

People keep saying, "enjoy this time before the baby arrives"...I think I might have to add that to the list or it might get missed!

Any bets on whether I will accomplish everything this list before the baby gets here (btw, I am not going to be cleaning the gutters so don't worry about having to rescue the pregnant lady from the roof!)? While I am an old retired lady these days I still don't know if I can outpace my procrastination skills. Let's be honest, in the time it has taken me to write this post I could have probably accomplished two or three items on the list. But, I also have to remember that I am carrying around a pineapple and need to take it easy, so I give myself a little leeway! 

Speaking of the pineapple...I cut it up after taking the picture with it last night...there is something oddly disturbing about cutting up the fruit that represents your child. Just saying...

Ok, ok, I am going to target now. I'll check back in on the list in a few weeks and let you all know how I'm doing. Odds are I will have knocked out 10 and added 20 more...


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