Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Recap

I am starting to think my blog is becoming a bit boring.  It is pretty much just a calendar of events with pictures.  That said, I promise to post at least once this week about something random and out of the norm from the usual reading.  I will also try and get my guest blogger to make his appearance!

That said, this weekend really started for me on Friday.  Claire was out for a girls weekend and invited me to crash their lunch on Friday in the city.  We headed down to Union St. for a little Mexican food and shopping.  After catching up and realizing that we couldn't afford anything in the boutiques (although one lady did offer Amanda 30% off a sweater-business is bad!) the girls set off for Union Square (there isn't an H&M in Colorado!!) to try their luck there.  It was great to catch up with Claire and hopefully I will get to see her again soon?!  Sooner if she wins the lottery (Scott and I are moving into your mansion with you if you do-I'm sure it will come with a guest house)!
Of course, what would a weekend be without bath time?!  Kyle got a shipment of wine delivered on Friday so we headed over to help him try it out.  Oh, back to bath time.  Our favorite time of day at the Strand fam's house is bath time!!  Miss Kayla loves to splash and play and it is always fun to take part.  After the munchkin went to bed we enjoyed some dinner and a mean game of Apples to Apples with Kyle coming out victorious.  
Kayla showing Scott all her teeth!

Saturday, the bug that had been going around Scott's office finally got him.  We did a lot of vegging, sleeping and movie watching!  

Sunday was a lot of the same until about 4 when Scott got a bit of energy and suggested a trip to the beach.  Who am I to turn that down (even though it was raining)?  We packed up the monster and jackets and headed out.  Turns out the weather wasn't half as bad as expected. Overcast and humid (a nice beach humid, not Missouri in July humid) but warm!  Lola enjoyed her first real beach experience playing tennis ball in the sand. 

The Pacifica Pier.  Believe it or not, we met Lola's twin on the pier!  There was another black pom that looked EXACTLY like her named Ozzie.  And I thought Lola was an anomaly! 
I was a bit overdressed for the weather!

A very relaxing weekend and just what we needed!  We have been on the go since I arrived in December and were looking forward to a weekend with no agenda.  

More soon...

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Claire said...

Of course you could live in our guest house. But you do know that we would never see the boys if this was the case. I had so much fun, thanks again for showing us around your new hood!