Friday, March 20, 2009

The view from 35,000 ft.

(somewhere south of Lake Tahoe-there is a lake but apparently not Tahoe according to my in-flight map. Yes, I am that girl taking pictures out the window!)

Hello from 35,000 ft!  I couldn't resist the idea of having internet on an airplane and paid Virgin America the $9 for some wifi.  I actually enjoy not being connected on airplanes and tend to take this time to write or just enjoy my thoughts but the novelty got me!  So here I am...blogging.  

My first Virgin experience has been quite good thus far.  When we boarded I did feel a bit like I was boarding an international night club but now that we are up it is pretty much flying as usual (with some pretty spectacular in flight entertainment).  

For the record, I am on the first leg of my journey.  Erin Eilene and Phil came in last night and spent the night in San Francisco and this morning Scott dropped us all off at SFO.  Phil is headed off for some skiing in Colorado.  Erin and I are on our way to JFK to meet up with the rest of the ladies on our adventure. 

Well, with 2,362 miles left (on this flight), you might here from me again.  

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Crick said...

You are SO fun! I was so surprised to find this post! Can't wait for more!