Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One Last Post

True to my blog title (which I really dislike and have been contemplating changing) I am on the move again.  Luckily, this time not a permanent move, just vacation!  On Friday I leave San Francisco for Scotland (with a few bonus days in London).  This is a pre and post 60th birthday celebration for my mom, aunt Toni, and aunt (kind of-but let's just keep it simple) Cynthia. They all turn 60 in consecutive years so we are taking a girls trip.  Why Scotland?  We're Scottish! 

Those traveling (thank you to everyone's Facebook for the pictures)...
Mom and Me
Erin Eilene (no Phil on this adventure)
Cayce and Lindsay
Lindsay and Cynthia (again, no boys allowed, sorry Jim)

The way this boils mom and me, Erin Eilene is Toni's daughter, Lindsay is Cynthia's daughter, and Cayce is our cousin.  

If Erin Eilene's bachelorette party is any indication, this is going to be one fun trip!  

A pre trip thanks to Toni and Cynthia...we definitely would be wandering around like lost tourists without the two of you and all the planning and hard work you put in to this trip.

To my readers, I am bringing along the computer so hopefully I can blog from abroad!  If not, prepare for lots of entries when I return.

Well, I better get to packing!!!  


EileneS said...

interestingly enough, that picture of Erin Eilene was taken in Scotland.

LC said...

Hey Stephanie! So great to hear from you!!! It seems like you are doing very well too!

Is my blog address on facebook? EEK...I need to take it off! I love finding blogs through other blogs!

I can't wait to continue reading about your life :) Have a wonderful trip!!!