Monday, March 16, 2009

Back Up

A quick post about Friday...

As I mentioned, Scott and I headed to Houston's for happy hour.  It was nice and sunny so we sat out on the patio and enjoyed some wine and the spinach artichoke dip (which Scott recreated for the party).  

It was another great afternoon/evening.  I will definitely miss these evenings while I am in Scotland.  I truly enjoy the relaxing time after the week and of course, enjoying our time together. It's funny how we spend every night together but somehow these Friday happy hours just feel extra special...    
Soaking up the sun
I thought it was funny that we sat across from where the Alcatraz tours leave from.  When I first moved to San Francisco I decided I wanted to work there (at least until I found a real job). Scott thought this was hilarious but was anxious to see my khaki ranger uniform! Unfortunately, getting a job there wasn't as easy as I thought so I gave up on my dream of seeing all the secret parts of the prison.  Yes, that was my motivation.  I always want to go to areas where the public can't (I felt the same way on Ellis Island and at the Palace of Versailles). 

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