Monday, March 2, 2009

Flash Back

Let's go back...

When looking for the Academy Awards picture I discovered lots of old pictures of Allison and me. No, this does not count as my "out of the ordinary" post for the week, I just thought the pictures were fun.

For those who don't know...Allison moved in next door to me on Pine Run when I was 5 and she was 6.  We have been best friends since :)
Apparently we were both "sick" on the same day ;).  From what I remember I didn't feel too terrible!
Allison, Cocoa and me at Lost Valley (I can never remember if that is the right name)
Little Lauren making her cameo...she is 14 now!!
Jump ahead to Allison's sweet 16.  Susan, Allison and I
If you check out my pocket closely you can see my pager!  Yes, pager!  Right, we are also sharing a jacket.  Definitely the cool kids in school!

Allie's birthday at the ballpark.  It was some kind of ice cream day...
Flashing forward yet again...Allison gets married!
What are best friends for?  To fly to Austin, wake up at 5am and spend ALL DAY in the Texas heat on your feet watching your silly friend do a half ironman...oh, while pregnant!  You're the best!!

Ok, a bonus picture (that has nothing to do with Allison and me)...
Proof that once I could eat crab!  By the way, I am pretty sure I currently have this same hair cut!

Ok, back to 2009!

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