Monday, March 9, 2009

On the Go...

We have been so busy this weekend I haven't even had a chance to catch up with my blog.  No excuses for the end of last week, just wasn't inspired!  

Friday Scott came home from work and we headed up to 24th Street for a little happy hour (my favorite way to go out-always home by 8!).  It was nice to just take an evening stroll and enjoy all that our neighborhood has to offer.  We took up two stools at the Dubliner and were very happy with our local Irish bar.  There were definitely a lot of regulars and even a handful of true Irishmen!  

After enjoying a few beers we headed a few doors down for some sushi.  We tried a new restaurant and it was very unique.  The restaurant was very small (Scott said it reminded him of Tokyo a bit-although from the sound of it our restaurant was still about 3 times the size of the ones he visited there) and cozy.  The restaurant was different in that their selection of rolls was extremely limited (the salmon/mango roll=amazing) but the fish was extremely fresh making eating tons of nigiri a treat!  We will absolutely be making a return trip soon!

Saturday, what else, Napa!  Scott and I started the day at Gloria Ferrer for some champagne (technically, sparkling wine).  The day was unbelievable-warm and sunny-perfect for sitting out on their deck to enjoy some bubbles, bread and cheese.  Without getting too sappy, it was very romantic and it was wonderful to spend a few hours taking it all in with Scott.
From there we decided to take an unexpected trip over to Joseph Phelps.  The grounds were once again, GORGEOUS, and the wine was absolutely tasty.  Now running late, we boogied over to Nickel and Nickel to meet the Strand family.  
Kayla reading her wine literature.
Practicing her walking!

Off to Far Niente...
Chrissie and baby #2 with the collection of vintage cars
Too much wine!  Time to go...

We decided to head to an early dinner back in the city at Presidio Social Club.  Kayla was one happy girl, throwing her head back laughing and practicing her walking around the restaurant. I was personally a huge fan of my burger :)
That finger puppet is too funny!
Chrissie and Kyle looking great

Fast forward to Sunday...Scott and I decided to take another journey to the beach.  This time we drove down the coast a bit further to Half Moon Bay.  Another beautiful day-a little windy but no complaints here.  The drive was stunning and we picked out a few more beaches we want to visit on our way there.
Me and our beach dog
This starfish washed up while we were walking

As you can see, it was a great weekend!  Looking forward to many more!


Crick said...

that starfish is BEAUTIFUL! i have never seen one just wash up like that!

Jacqueline Mariash said...

that must be good luck for a star fish like that to wash up. so cool!